Fan light interrupting darkness?

We’re at 3 weeks of flowering. I bought these little battery powered fans to provide air circulation within my tent (see pic). There’s a small blue light indicating the fan is on, which I taped over with electrical tape. Unfortunately the charging port leaks some of the blue light so I’m not able to completely cover it up. It reflects off the tent wall also. Do you think this is enough light to disrupt my plants dark period? No signs of nanners or pollen sacs or anything yet.

Most likely…put tape around the charging port area.


Thanks for the response. I taped over the charging port and now its pitch black. Hopefully these 3 weeks of the leak didn’t do too much damage.

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You should be OK, during the first couple of weeks they are stretching and have not entered full flower yet. It is even possible that they did not start stretching if there was light present and they did not start transitioning to flower.

What’s your grow light, @Andpugs ?

@KeystoneCops I have a Mars Hydro Sp3000

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