Familyman’s First Grow Log

Did you feed also? You need to feed after a flush.

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I’ll go do that too

Is it normal to see improvement after a couple hours or am I just seeing things??

Lol, could be, sure. Post some pics.

I will in a bit. Gotta get rid of some

Are you clipping the top most leaves?

No. Should I be

I didn’t mean the very top new growth (and, no, do NOT trim those). It looks like the fan leaves just below the top most new growth have been trimmed.

They are previous FIMs



They do look perkier. Lol, I think they’re going to be fine. You can relax now.

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I thought that’s what they looked like. Once you’ve resolved your magnesium issue, I’d say you’re ready to switch to 12/12 and get flowering going. But that’s a personal preference of course. Remember, once you flip to 12/12 you have at least two months of flowering in front of you.

Awesome!! Thanks

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Two glorious months of dreaming of beautiful nugs


Is more frequent watering in late veg common?

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It’s going to be great. In a previous post you mentioned you hoped to just get a joint from your plants. You are going to get a LOT more than that. Have fun.

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Thanks. I’ve learned a lot very quickly and decided to try LST and FIM and anything else I could do. The quantum boards were probably the best investment.

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Yes, the bigger the plants get, the more watering they’ll need, and then even more watering in flower. It always changes.

Ok because the pots get light after just a day or so. I also have a dehumidifier and fan so that helps too.

They probably could use a transplant then.