Extreme cupping/canoeing

So, I cloned these all from the same mother plant. They are all about a month old. My setup is very very basic. I do not have a ph tester. My light is a led grow light you can pick up at any hardware store. it throws off zero heat. Room temp is between 65-75 depending if I have a fire going or not. I have a small humidifier that I am currently not using because the temps have been so cold here recently.I do not have the money or time to get super hands on with these. As you can see I have three that seem to be doing great. And then I have these two that stretched hard the first week and then slowed down. Now all of the leaves are cupping. Some have even started twisting. Any ideas as to why?

@Happygolucky…pretty obvious the light is NOT giving the plants what they need.

If you want a good harvest, going to have to put up stronger lights…AND…GET A PH n PPM Meter set for $20 online. essential

curling leaves also means too much of some nute. are you using prefertilized soil?
that is often a problem.