Experiment: 805 Pro Mix BX – Botanicare Nutrients

I have always used Pure Blend Pro for my seedlings in the commercial greenhouse I run. I never had much luck with PBP growing MMJ. I generally use DutchMaster Advance, A&B (grow & bloom), Max, Silcon, Zone. I also make my own nutrient blends from 50lb. bags of minerals, and chelated micro nutrients.
The ins and outs of this grow
OG Kush, and Pineapple something…from bagseed. Locally grown I got 4 fems out of 6 popped.
Well water PH 7.7, ppm 225
3 g pots, transplanted from 1g pots, from 1x1.5 starters tray
ProMix BX medium
Pure Blend Pro Grow
Botanicare CNS17 Bloom
botanicare CNS17 Ripe
PH 5.8-6.0
PPM 1000-1200
Milwaukee SM802 digital ph, tds, ec meter.
4’x4’x78" grow tent
2 - 250 watt hps, 1 above and 1 side light
These are now in the middle of bloom phase, and the lights are out; So, I am going to take you a picture, to get things started.

ENJOY! More later :smiley:

OK Moving on. I had to give the girls a dose of DutchMaster because I got the RIPE, before the BLOOM. :C

Mean while; I flushed the plants wiht ph’d water. Today he girls got their 1st dose of Botanicare CNS17 BLOOM tonight, and we will see what happens. I personally believe the outcome is going to be fantastic due to the fact that this nutrient was cloudy just like my own personal mix which is heavy with potassium.

Mix Ratio was 1 TBS/15 ml, per gallon. Botanicare Nutrient Calculator was slightly varied. I would go with the standard 1 TBS. per gallon. That should work for all grows. 5 TBS (light) was around 1200 ppm
Nutrient buffered my well water to 6.3 at application time.

Pro Mix BX seems to be a really fine medium for growing fruits!

I know it’s a old post but how did the ladies end up?

Got about an LB from the 4. Maybe 3 months of meds.