Experience with rebar hoop greenhouses?

I’ve been reading about greenhouses constructed of, e.g., 20’ lengths of #4 (1/2") rebar, where the main structure is made up of the rebar bent so that both ends are in/at the ground (and the gradual bend makes up the greenhouse).

Not this big, but that’s the idea:

Bob's Projects & Ideas: Rebar Greenhouse ~ Northern Greenhouse (hope this link is ok, it’s not amazon, but they don’t compete with ILGM)

Was thinking I could use ~3 pieces of rebar hoops, plus some rebar for bracing, plus a covering… and somehow, door(s).


I don’t see why not…
I’ve built them with 3/4 pvc and tie wire for an outdoor season with no issues…
I would imagine they could be built to last with rebar…
Wishing you good fortune ahead my friend… :+1:t3:
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Smaller ones can be made with 3/4" CPVC. Rebar is definitely sturdier, though