Exhale co2 bag. Help explain what i need to use them

Does anyone use these and if so anything to worry about with them? I got a new light and was wondering if i should get one to help with extra light intake. All advice is wanted. Ive never used only havr seen on youtube

I would love to hear if anyone has used the bag as I’m always down to try something new… I went with the co2 bucket and had good results. But the bag was my other option.

The bags are garbage and expensive. They don’t work for what is needed.
DON"T waste your money.

Raw sugar, warm water and bakers yeast.
$12 will last you 6 months of secondary CO2.

Fill a quart up half way with warm water, place 1 cup of sugar inside the quart.
Put lid back on tight and shake until sugar is dissolved. Place 2 teaspoons of bakers yeast inside the sugar container with the water. Run a fish tank air hose from lid of quart
bottle to backside of fan. Now sit back and enjoy CO2 for the next 7-10 days.


I am planning in doing that when my bucket runs out. I’ve only tested co2 in the tent twice since I put it in and it definitely helps. I borrowed the tester both times but plan on adding that to the (never-ending) list for my next grow. But long term, your mix sounds way better

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I have one of them hanging in my grow closet as we speak. After using yeast and sugar and water as well as baking soda and vinegar to supplement co2 having to deal with readings and mixing and the concoctions dying off after 1-2 weeks and rarely pushing my co2 reading past 1000ppm in a small room approx 2.5’ x 6’
I spent the $30 for the original exhale bag that was already producing co2, (the user-mix and hang took too long to activate almost 3 weeks to increase co2 to a measurable reading)2 short days after hanging the active bag above my little plants the readings were near 1700ppm and steady, fluctuating little. I put a fresh bag in the closet every 6 months or so regardless of the growth stage of the plant, without ever having any ill effects. This is just my experience with exhale brand co2 bags, after seeing the readings on a dedicated CO2 tester I can say that in my experience with this product I have set it to auto order on Amazon so when it shows up at my door I know it’s time to change it.

Hope this helps, my plants love them.

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Just put it in your tent and keep closed. Best with a sealed system but will still benefit regardless

One of those bags has my tent and lung room at 1200-1700 at all times

I actually don’t spend any money on co2. True story. Need some CO2 in your tent this is all I do…

CO2 rating in tent

CO2 rating after FARTING one time in tent

How bout dat :muscle:

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And how long does that last for?

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Looks like you raisedthe temp and dropped the humidity with that must have been a hot 1

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So the first picture was taken and my phone rang. I was on the phone for about 32 minutes. I then went upstairs and cut one, 45 seconds later I took the picture.

I just took this picture two and a half minutes ago it’s actually went up.

Holy :poop:, it went up even more!

Good Lord, my ":poop:er " is dangerous

I should probably see a doctor

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Lmao. Im gonna try that. And see if my results are the same btfu

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It truly works it’s been over 40 minutes and it’s still up in the high 2000s.

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