Evaporative humidifier Recommendations?

Hello all

Tired of white dust and buying distilled water for ultrasonic models . Most online recommendations suggest an air care or vornado Evaporative type

But looking at Amazon reviews for each there appears to be a significant amount of criticism on maintenance and upkeep for either

So any suggestions and or real world experiences would be appreciated . The venta airwasher seems to be the go to model for less work but it is very pricy

So any suggestions appreciated. I have a small tent so want to humidify the room rather then put it in the tent

Thanks in advance for any help

I would not waist a dollar on evap. humidification. They can be loud, you have to clean and or change media plus the normal cleaning one has to do with humidification equipment at any level. Unless you have insanely hard water what we call crunchy water full of calcium, iron and other stuff. I would use water straight out of the tap. The small amount of chlorine in tap water will not truly hurt the plants at all in humidification and the chlorine helps to keep the humidifier safe. If your dead set on no chlorine then just let a 5 gal. bucket set 24 hrs to gas off before use. To break chloramines or chloramines one needs to use a few ml’s of dechlor for fish tank water. I use tap in my humidifiers and run my tap water through a RV filter for watering. No point in trying to control tent humidity by controlling the room humidity. Do you really want a room your tents in with 40% to 80% humidity? I have a Walgreens humidifier in my tent bought at a yard sale years ago that keeps doing it’s job. Only have to fill it every two days keeping my tent at 80% RH from helmet heads to 3 weeks then drop it to 70% for two weeks then drop it even a bit more as the grow heads into flower. Get some sort of control to control the humidifier and use the exhaust fan to control tent temp. Good Luck! And don’t over think it.

thank so much for the response. How did you avoid white dust while using the power end humidifiers?

If you want to avoid the white dust, then you are going to want an evaporative, wicking humidifier. Yes they are a pain, and yes you have to buy new wicking elements every month or 2, but it’s the only way to avoid the dust if you have hard water.

I use wicking humidifiers - one of these in a 4x4. The wicking elements are about $10 each.


I’m lost concerning white dust concern. If you are or have been using distilled water there should be no white dust at all. If your getting white dust from tap water all I can think it could be is insanely high calcium in the water. And to have soooo much calcium in the water to leave a white dust is hard hard water I’ve never seen in my life. But even if I was backed into a corner because of poor water quality I still wouldn’t use evap. I would be fixing my water for a better quality of life all around.