Enough sunlight?

Question from a fellow grower:

I’m hoping that you can help me out with an outdoor grow issue. I grow one plant each summer which provides me with enough for the year. Right now I’m racing with the end of our New York season. I’ll be pushing it to the end of October. We’ve had a tremendous amount of rain this year, and while this plant (Strawberry Banana) has shown no ill effects so far. My worry ironically is not the water. While the nine varieties of tomatoes all succumbed to wilt, rot, and mold the marijuana has seemingly not suffered. What does concern me is the cloud cover. Is my plant receiving enough sunlight? If not is bringing it into my garage, and putting it under a t5 fluorescent a viable option? That’s the only lamp I’ve got as I do start my veggies indoors. Right now I do believe that the plant will finish well outside, but before the problem arises I’d like to be prepared.

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I’m just totally speculating here, based on growing indoors and out but I think even cloudy days are far brighter than indoor lights.

If you have a smartphone there are crude apps that measure … something. Footcandles, lumens or some such. You could try one of those out and see what you get.

if you really are worries about light…and have the means… you can set up your T5 outside on the plant for a few hours each day also. Will increase your light intensity significantly and you dont have to move the plant.

The light needed, or rays still get through those clouds. Don’t worry, you will have a good harvest.