End of the World

I’m a new grower. I’ve been doing it about a year. I grow for my wife. She’s the smoker. I have come to love growing this plant though. It my most favorite hobby ever, without a doubt.

Stumbling onto the ILGM website was how it started for me. I bought seeds, did very little research, spent a small fortune on Amazon and I was off to the races.

When I first bought seeds on ILGM, I knew most of the variety names from our short time in a state where she had her medical card. Strawberry Cough, OG Kush, Chocolope…

Come to find out these are “old” genetics.

I have found myself to have a new hobby as well, seed collecting. I have more seeds than I will ever grow and I won’t stop buying them.

The growth of the Cannabis genetic industry is growing exponentially. It is honestly very hard to keep up with it. Everyone has the next best thing. Everyone has some plant that is just “Fire”.

BTW, when did “fire” become an adjective? I digress.

Every interview I hear with a genetic company makes me want to buy something from them. They’re confident and great at sales.

Now stay with me… I’m going off on a tangent, but it’ll all come together.

I watched a movie the other day that I have seen before but now I have a personal connection to it, “Children of Men”. It’s the director’s Opus Magnum and a great film all around. It’s about a dystopian future with no hope. However, in this film, Michael Caine is an old hippy who lives in the woods and has a nice sized “Strawberry Cough” grow going on. Even in a grim future there will be a need for cannabis and its healing properties.

So, this old man was growing Strawberry Cough far off in the future where society isn’t what it used to be.

I now see why seeds are sold as genetic preservation seeds. My wife’s favorite seeds need to be protected. OG Kush needs to be protected. All of your favorite strains need to be protected.

Maybe in 25 years when I’m retired, I’ll be glad I preserved these genetics. I’ll grow out Gold Leaf proudly. Like an old man taking his 1964 Mustang for a cruise. She might not be powerful, but she’s a classic. And she’s mine.

End of the world. You can only take one strain with you for the rest of your life. What will you grow?


Blue Mystic


That’s not a fair question! I still need to grow out at least 200 varieties before answering that. I’ll circle back with my answer in 20 years.


I concur on the joy of growing. I actually feel like growing is more “addictive” than smoking. I recently convinced a coworker into buying some seeds and starting a grow, and now I get a text from him pretty much every night with an ILGM link to some seed strain. Decisions, decisions.


Yea I’m a smoker at heart by growing is a close second… so far from what I’ve grown I like my recon… but havent grown enough to make life long choice… so far recon

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Gold :leaves: is :fire:

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God’s Gift. No question. Only herb I’ve ever paid taxes on. We were in Seattle for Thanksgiving. Washington state had only been green for sixths months, at that time.
The containers were purple opaque plastic. When I asked if I could smell, as with one voice, “NO OPEN PACKAGES IN THE STORE”.
“Then just give me the strongest shit y’all have”
Percentages haven’t ever impressed, nor will they. I come from a land where the percent is determined by, “here, hit this”.
When they said 28.1%, I could believe it.


If we’re keeping it “old school” and “heirloom” I’m flying to Mars with Northern Lights, non-feminized.
I’m gonna need a lot of seeds being the only weed man on the red planet! :rocket: :flying_saucer: :rofl:

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