Earth box growing

First time for me growing marijuana. Was wanting to use an Earth Box. I have grown lots of garden plants :seedling: n earth box. Anyone having experience growing in Earth Box’s please clue me in. Thanks, Buddy53


I am also wanting to grow in an in an Earth Box and would like more info. Mainly do you fertilize daily by putting fertilizer in the water below to soil or pour fertilizer into the soil. I just posted a question in Beginners but can’t even find my own post. :joy: O just saw your Oldmarine. Semper Fi Devil Dog!! Served myself in marines from 1968 to 1972.


I use living soil in my earthbox I normally only add water but recently started adding build a soils freeze dried coconut flakes to my water reservoir. I topdress my amendments and will let the reservoir go dry to do a top feed of compost tea.
I love the earthbox. I recently added a 3rd.
Here’s my current girls

Fruity Pebbles OG

Bubba’s Gift


Thanks Green
Nice looking plants. So you only fill the water in you earth box 1 time? And at what point do you let it go dry. ? Have you ever just put fertilizer in you water and feed plants from the bottom. Thanks, Buddy53

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Oh no, once my plant is vegging and drinking more I fill the reservoir with water, about 2.5 gallons of water.I have to add about a gallon a day to keep it filled in veg. In flower they have been known to drink about 1.5-2 gallons a day. I made a float so I can easily see the water level. I just recently started adding the coconut water to the water going into the reservoir. I only let the reservoir go dry if I want to give a top feed of tea and then I will fill the reservoir after my tea is applied. Hope that clears it up.
I normally do not add fertilizer, just coconut water and every few weeks some EM1. I topspray with rootwise at the beginning of a grow and about every 3 weeks. All of my amendments are topdressed. Then I topdress with compost or build a flower and sprinkle on a layer of bokashi. :v::green_heart:

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@GreenJewels I just wanted to pass along my experience with a sub-irrigated planter (SIP) I used. The SIP was a DIY planter using two 5-gallon buckets.

On 4/8 this purple kush was transplanted into the SIP filled with coco and perlite mix. Jack’s 321 nutrients are used.
This is the same plant on June 1. I was encouraged and thinking this type of container and water / feed system would be a nice addition to my growing repertoire. It looked healthy and to be thriving.

On June 9 some deficiencies were noticed and are more pronounced. At this time I thought it was a cal-mag deficiency so added calmag to Jack’s and continued on.

On June 26 it was obvious it was more than a calmag issue

As of July 12 it was basically dead

I did try to save her. On June 28 I top flushed her with 4 gallons of ph water with flora kleen.
She was too far gone and ended up harvesting her on 7/18
Not a pretty site. I did not have to worry about drying her though

NOW for some good news.
I was using the same 5-gallon SIP method in a four plant purple haze grow.
This is them on day 43 of flower. They looked fantastic

However, upon closer inspection I can see some of the same issues I encountered with the purple kush

They are outside because, having learned that ignoring or postponing dealing with the problem would end very badly, I thoroughly flushed the plants on July 5. . I mean seriously top flush / flood the coco.
I got the runoff ppm down to 300’s. Then gave them another watering at ph 5.8 with light feed of Jack’s. I also drilled holes in the reservoir bucket, effectively ending the SIP experiment. Thereafter I top fed everything and monitored runoff ph & ppm.
This them on August 10 being prepped for harvest

I would like for the bud’s leaves to be healthier / greener but they did survive. Some better than others

I just thought I would share this experience. In the end, I think the SIP method works and can work well. If I were to try it again I would certainly be sure to monitor / test runoff ph and ppm as the grow progresses. And be prepared to flush the media at least once, possibly twice. This is with using Jack’s.
A different nutrient may have different results. Or, a different medium or feed method (like top feed dry amendments) may not have the same ph issue I encountered.
good luck


Thank you @beardless for sharing your experience. I was wondering how an earthbox would do with coco. I think @Gremmall and I talked about it once, since he does coco and jacks. I don’t plan to go into coco coir or anything but I’m a curious person by nature and thought it should work but haven’t tried. A few years ago, I read about @peachfuzz making sip planters for his wife’s veggies.
I could very well be wrong but maybe living soil, or a soil type medium is a better option for the earth planter. I also added an extra quart of pumice into my mix for added drainage. I am also wondering how cocoa (not coco) would do in a sip(earthbox) I don’t plan to try but ya never know. I’d definitely be interested to see someone try it.
Here’s my first sip that I learned a lot on, Cinderella 99 fast

When I started out with her I used the directions with the probiotic earthbox.

That wasn’t working for me. My reservoir smelled horrible so I tipped it in it’s side and dumped out the nasty contents in the reservoir and flushed the reservoir by refilling with plain water and dumping it back out a couple times. After that I stuck with just water and biweekly 1 tsp EM1 into the reservoir. I also foliar spray EM1 every couple of weeks during veg, but not in flower. That ended up working much better for me. So far my recent addition of coconut water is going well.
After my rough start I am reluctant to put much into the reservoir water. When they’re in flower drinking up the water so fast, I can see where I could add some other goodies like build a bloom. I may give that a try.
My recent Acapulco Gold went much smoother from start to finish.
I have noticed that my 30 gallon pot of living soil grows better girls when I am consistent with the water, small amounts sprayed( misted real) to the mulch layer daily. So I keep a moist, not soggy media. I try hard to be consistent but life makes it hard sometimes.
I figured the sip(earthbox) was a good solution for my occasional neglect :grin:
Thanks again for the information :v::green_heart:


Thanks beautiful plant with nice color. I grew two purple kush using Jack’s grown in coco. The one I showed and the I other I used an autopot. She was blasted with too much light for too long into flower so she foxtailed.

I just finished putting it in jars. I will be posting harvest results and a few photos at Let’s Grow Some Purple Kush
Truthfully, I don’t think coco was the problem. I think I got carried away with calmag and then when the ph got messed up it locked everything up and things got totally out of balance. I think some day I will circle back around and give a SIP another go. I think outside with an auto would work great because of its shorter life span


Fist time grower myself. OG Kush Autoflower in an Earth Box. Popped the seeds yesterday. Fox farm warrior light soil. When should I start adding organic fertilizer?

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I’m growing in a 3x6 very small bathroom. I have a VIPARSPECTRA 2024 P1000 LED Grow Light hanging 4 feet above my 2 plants in an Earth box. Light is at 100%. Just planted the seeds yesterday. I’m keeping the humidity high now, 70% and the temp is mid 70’s. When do I remove the cups that are covering my seeds that are germinating and once I remove the cups. How much should I lower my light? I’m keeping my water at 6.5 ph. Second question is when should I start fertilizing? Liquid through the tube to be bottom fed or should I top dress with something? My soil is warrior Light. I used a bag and a half of the soil.



I keep the domes over mine until they start to outgrow them

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Most of us downloaded the photone app and adjusted our lights height and intensity with these charts. I start feeding at half strength between week 2 or 3 but everyone feeds differently.

Any reason for that? I’m new at this. These are my first 2 plants.

Thanks. I appreciate this. I’m getting excited even though it’s only 2 plants. LOL

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They take more water in from their leaves than roots at that stage, dome keeps their enviroment happier for them, once the leaves get close to the touching the dome i take it off otherwise the leaves get wet and youll get damage. They recover fine but i still try to not let it happen

Hell yeah. Good luck!

I wait until the plants are larger before I fill my Earthbox reservoir. I topwater until then. Don’t overwater. Its hard to not overwater a seedling in a big container. Personally, I dont dome my seedlings and clones because my RH is high in my veg tent, around 70% RH. She’s looking good :v::green_heart:

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