Early harvest results

So I decided I have a lot going on and a lot to get started so chopped this one today. This was my first successful female plant. First two I grew were male. All seeds were bag seed and I planted them at intervals to learn from one plant what the next one would do…sort of. Anyways I didn’t get a wet weight on all of it but the main stalk in the middle was 40grams not sure what it’ll be after dry and cure. Long story short I did not have high expectations so to me this was a success. Grown in FFOF from seed and got fed FF Trio

Thanks to all the wonderful people here that helped me through! Too many to tag


Nice and sparkly! Congrats!

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Thanks man! They are super frosty, doing a wet trim was horrible sticky. May try to do dry next time and compare the difference. Also pulled the plug a little early probably could have let them go another week or so