DWC Purple Haze

sounds like you are well on your way, going to be a great grow… :ok_hand: :grinning:

are you planning on using hydroguard? :thinking: :smile:

I was wondering the same thing. I use both Hydrogard and Armor Si :v:

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@kettle @repins12 @OlyBoy98503 thanks for watching and any help. I’ll be using the GH and yes with hydro guard and armor si, at least I think I have some.

I’m still working on my room which I hope to be through with by this coming week sometime. Hope to drop seeds within the next week… or so.


@Myfriendis410 @MattyBear @Covertgrower @repins12 @kettle @ItsPat @Reticence

I have a question about a lot, but i’ll start with a nute question first. We have been looking into using the Jacks Nutrient Kit. @Bogleg I am curious to know what type of water do you mix with? Is it RO, tap etc…

I feel like our options are:

The City Limits Kit:


Jack’s 321

Our tap water is about 75 ppms and PH is 7.5. We don’t have an RO system.
I noticed the Tap formula will lower PH over time.
Do you use any hydroguard? Armor Si?
Could I ask what you would recommend, exactly everything from start to finish?

I would love to hear from anybody that has a thought on this matter. Thanks!

BTW, I have a Purple Haze trying to pop through the pellet. Almost done with everything setting everything up.

@imSICKkid is using Jack’s too.

At 75 ppm that’s good enough to use the R/O formula IMO.

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The Jack’s 321 is a better choice as it comes with the cal and the mag.


I am not using Jacks 321 at the moment but, probably will be in the near future. I’m just using water straight outta my well, seems to be working for me. The nutes I am using now, I use calimagic, hydrogaurd and armor si. I know that with the Jacks you don’t need cal-mag, not sure about the other two, better get an answer from someone that is using it :v:

You’re correct, but to add to the benefits of Jacks, is everything comes down to is money. Some will piss it out the window, (which I’m guilty of) or hold onto it.

Jacks is around .03 cents a gallon to feed plants. I’m just going to leave that there, and I dare someone else to come up with a cheaper alternative and it has the identical beautiful plants they produce.

I haven’t seen an ugly looking plant with Jacks yet, as long as you follow the recipe. That means something. lol.

The water, just using municipal water. Unfiltered. Around 200 ppm after I checked awhile ago.


I am a huge Jack’s Fan. Check both JR Peters site and Amazon. Oddly it can be cheaper to buy off Amazon if you have Prime.


I also Use GH Flora Trio serious with Floralicious for my smart pot plants. Mostly because I have a fair amount of it still and I don’t grow a lot except for mothers or breeding plants in Pro-Mix. Most of my grows are in hydro.


I use municipal water - my muni water has a PPM around 75 and nothing out of the ordinary on the water report. My muni water comes out at a PH of 6.5ish.

In addition to the Jacks nutrients I use, I add Armor Si as my silica supplement and I use Hydroguard for reservoir management.


I know that the 321 has a certain order to mix. At what point do you add the Armor Si and the Hydroguard? Thanks for every bodies help.

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I do Hydroguard, Silica, Part A, Epsom Salts, Part B. I also use MKP and I put that in last.


@HappyHydroGrower I use both hydroguard and armor si. I run mostly GHE line with a few from TRUE. I just added hydro guard a few grows back to try can keep from needing the extra AC unit started. Water temps on the regular around 78 at peak light and down to 74 by lights on. So far this is working out well.


Id say hydroguard is compulsory for me… and am yet to move on to powdered nutes, but I will be following with great intrest… great info here, I will bookmark one or two posts… :smile:


I was lurking around down under yesterday & I was thinking, I need to bookmark several of your post. Wow! You are one busy guy! Awesome grow you have going on!


thanks mate, its all coming together… and loads of help from here buddy… im looking forwards for this to begin… exciting stuff… :smile: :wink:


Here is my feeding schedule, minus the aforementioned Armor Si and Hydroguard, which I use at the low-end of the bottle recommendation for each:


Thanks a million @Bogleg. I’ll definitely let you know my numbers as I progress. Can’t say they’ll be that detailed… lol :joy:

@Bogleg @Myfriendis410 @Grandaddy013 @kettle @ItsPat @Reticence @Covertgrower @repins12 @Amazon66

OK, so my little PH that went in bass ackwards bit the dirt. Life has kept me from moving forward on this but I think now I’m ready to do this.

I believe I have read on here that your not supposed to run nutes through the chiller, but yet everywhere I see, folks tie straight into the chiller. Thoughts on that please?? Unclear on how to hook my chiller up if I stay with a DWC or even a RDWC.

Also, we have been thinking about a two system grow with two 18 gal totes and an 18 gal res.

So in my 10’ x 5’ x 8’ room I’ll have the following: (All walls are insulated).
Two 18 gal. grow totes with one 6" net pot each
18 gal. Res
6" exhaust fan in and out w/filter
10" rotating fan for plants
Two air pumps w/two ports each
1/10 hp Chiller w/3/4" black tubing
A dehumidifier if needed
A rack to hold stuff and a sink… yeah I know getting crowded.

Any thoughts on all this operating in this one room? Tips, do’s and don’ts
Thanks for your help.

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