Dwc and advanced nutrients 3 part question


Well this is my first attempt at the Dec using this brand, and the only experience I got using was using GH 3 part,

And for some reason I can’t get this right,
So I got a few questions for you advanced nutrients cats

Okay I use tap water bubbled for 24 hours
My ppm of my tap stay around 60ish

Now this 3 part says it’s pH perfect but and what strength does this pH perfect start taking affect

I’m in a 5 gal bucket using 3 gallons and when I use the diluted ratio the pH stay around 6.5, and the ppm sky rockets, so what feeding schedule do you guys use in dwc, I’m going to attempt a auto flower in it, just wanted some tips before I drop the seedling in.

Great question I unfortunately can’t answer.

AN is actually about 3hr from my parents place, you can email or call them and they are very helpful.

AN is expensive so most growers end up moving away from it so I don’t know any growers off the top of my head that are running it in hydro right now but that doesn’t mean much.
You could go through the grow Journals to find someone using it or you could use the search option.

The base nutrient where actually the same price and GH 3 part but all of AN additives are ridiculously expensive, so I got a ton of other brands additives but heck I can’t get the base down alot less using additives lol

I’ve never used bottled nutrients i just PH everything so I’m of no help…

Maybe these people can tag someone who has experience with it…


@BobbyDigital maybe?

Umm. Who else.

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Which gh 3 part?

I don’t use an in hydro…
I do in soil with good success…
But in hydro I use gh 3 part and additives…

Have you tried with RO water? I know they say you can use it with any water but others have similar problems with tap

@PharmerBob no he’s using AN

Never used AN, I have used GH Trio! Are you sure you ratios are correct?

It’s the AN 3 part with the monkeys on the front, supposed to be able to use them in all media, now I start out 1 ml per liter which is a 11.386ish in 3 gal and it runs around 350 ppm with that and that’s at half dose , but the plants look pH locked out and or underfeed… So I’m taking the pH perfect kicks in at a higher concentrations?

P.s pH is always high around 6.5ish running it at 1 ml per liter,

I use AN with ro water.
Ph is always at 6 or a little under.
I’m using micro grow bloom and a few others.
I know there is an order to mixing.
Micro first.
Call them and they will assist

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Also as the plant grows your ppm will get high.
The plant will be drinking water and not using as much of the nutrients.
I ph my water and usually bring it down before adding.
I have a plant drinking a gallon of water a day

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I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing wrong but I cannot get a plant started to save my life with this line, i didn’t have a issue with GH, or HS, but I guess I’ll shoot them and call and see what they tell me

What strength do you run your plants at and are they auto or photos?

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I’ve been using advanced nutrients for years in hydro. I just started using coco this year. What are you trying to figure out? I start my seeds in rapid rooters, then transplant to a small diy hydro system. I start at 1/4 nutrient strength and work my way up. I also add hydro guard and voodoo juice in the beginning. The stuff is extremely strong. Usually the most I’ll feed on a giant plant is 20ml in a 5 gallon bucket with 4 gallonsof water. You shouldn’t be phing i believe it will screw up the ph perfect technology. I never ph my water. I do check it though if I experience a problem. The line is ridiculous to buy in the store but its cheaper online. Tarantula and piranha are pricy. Budfactor x is extremely expensive but I don’t use it anymore.

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I do just about the same as @Noctis420.
I dont use any nutrients at first then slowly add as the plant grows.
I’m growing pineapple express,cookies and wedding cake and they are not having

a problem.
My first grow I gave them what the bottle said and burned them so I stopped using it on young plants.
I use micro grow bloom and their calmag and bud candy in flower. I also use hydroguard.


Also @Hellraiser using the whole line.
He grows some awesome plants


I also add in calmag every feeding. Some strains want more of it than others.

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