Drying our harvest

What is more essential in the drying process? Humidity or temp. If you could control one of these which would be the one you would go with… thanks to all

Temp variations are probably more forgiving, but I wouldn’t go outside a range of low 60s to high 70s.

I dry with humidity around 60 and temps in the low 70s.

Where do you usually dry them at? I planned on hanging them in my tent so I can control the environment a little more but I have a feeling some is going to be ready to harvest before others

Dry in a tent. I know that this is an easier environment to control.

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I dry in a guest room on a drying rack. I’m able to maintain conditions more or less correctly to allow 8 to 10 days for drying. 60%/65F is ideal in my area.

Would temps of 59 60 be to cool? Humidity is not so much the issue.


The only way to find out is try it.

Thanks I just wanted others thoughts, don’t want to spoil a good crop.

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