Dry ice keef shaker extraction

I’m well versed in BHO shatter production but have never tried making the co2 shaker keef. can anybody with experience in both give me a pros and cons comparison in extraction material cost (excluding equipment) and production. in past experiences with BHO, I can average 5g of shatter off 1 1/2 oz prime trim for the cost of an $8 can of butane.

from what I understand, ice in my area is $1.50 a pound. and it takes roughly 2 lbs to process 1/2 oz

actually, I haven’t seen 1 thing posted about dry ice extraction here. have any of you here ever tried it? How to Extract Kief from Cannabis Flowers Using Dry-Ice (Solid CO2): Cannabasics #9 - YouTube

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I know people use a regular freezer, and that dry ice must be better because there is no added moisture. It’s also colder and it should knock the trichomes off better/quicker. That’s all I got.

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