Dry crumbly leaves

Out of 14 plants I have two that suddenly got a couple of dry crumbly leaves. Just changed the hydro water yesterday, I’m using GH 3 part, and I measure exact. I’ve just started adding cal mag and hydrogaurd. I use root spa buckets, with an air line going into each bucket. My PH and PPM are within range, 5.86 PH and 1080 PPM, any ideas? The leaves that are dry and the older fan leaves, the newer ones are fine.

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Have any pics? It really helps to see the issue.

Here they are sorry, I meant to send them with original message, but got sidetracked


It looks like the affected area of the leaves is mostly where they overhang the bucket. They are not brown so I am thinking its something environmental. Something blowing dry hot air on them perhaps?


I have two 8” blowers, one intake and one outtake, the temp outside the grow tent is about 35 at night and up to about 70 during the day, the intake is not pointed at either plant. The heater is not pointed at it either, but with the colder temperatures at night the heater is running more. The morning temperature inside the tent is around 67 depending on the day and the night temperature. The plants closer to the heater are not effected. I’m thinking I will cut the dry fan leaves off, and see if the issue persists.
Thank you

Hot air would be my guess or light intensity.

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Thank you, I’ve moved the lights up some, about 18” above the top of the plant. The heater I’ve moved to blow towards the tent wall, instead of into the plants.


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