Droopy all around sad looking girl

My girl has developed quite a droop and is all around sad looking. Any ideas what the cause could be? I thought maybe over watering, under fed or ph problems. Ive been letting her dry out but she has yet to perk up, last feed was 3 days ago 750ppm at 6.5 although this is the first time I’ve adjusted my ph after findin my well water to be quite basic (7.5-8) and at a base ppm of 400 (will be using distilled water for feeding from now on). Next water/feed I will be looking for the runoff ph but my other 4 plants in the garden are doing fine other that some twisting growth (possibly ph?) no yellowing or droop just the one in the fabric pot is looking like this. Any suggestions? Still fairly new to this

She looks overheated . What are your temps?

Had a hot and humid last week cooled off a bit for the weekend and past few days but will be creeping back up into the 30s with high humidity feeling like 35 in the next few days, any suggestions to keep her cool? My other plants don’t seem to mind the weather but they are in a garden bed and probably cooler in the root zone. I think overwatering is out of the question as I watered again today as the pot was light (3days)

Could you shade the pot? With it being black you may be cooking her

I’ll give it a try, it was cooler the past few days and she hasn’t seemed to perk up at all and has started to yellow

Maybe wrap the pot with white fabric
Black gets really hot

One last question
Why don’t you dig a hole
Plants do best in the ground not above

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Not a bad idea might try and transplant and take a look at the root zone

I dig big holes use FFOF soil and worm castings
These grew 4ft in one month


I agree with @420guy . If your growing outside in pots go with the tan or grey fabric. Try and cool her down and see if she perks up. How are you gauging when to water?

Dry soil on top and the the pot is light to pickup , water about a gallon at a time at 6.5

I would consider wrapping the base with a white towel or cotton sheet. That will help to keep the root temp down a bit.

nice spot! I can hardly see them! Yet there they are in all their glory!

Id dig a hole and plant it. Unrestricted root growth kicks ass!

Would the heat cause the droop I’m seeing it is that another issue all together?

Yes it definately could. A hot rootball cant pick up water like a cool one can. It also cant retain it as well. If the rootball is hot and you water with cold, it shocks the plant every time you water. Ideally it should be either wrapped in white or planted in the ground. Or surrounded in other pots. Your water should be left to stand until its not cold too.
That would be a good start. Then if that variable is removed and the problem still exists we move on to the next potential problem

Ok I will do that and see how things go over the next week, I’m also going to dose with some root probiotics to hopefully help the root zone situation, thanks for the help will update in a few days

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