Downwards curled leaves

I have some plants with a downward curling leaf or 2.

Joline is a White Widow Auto-flower in FFOF.

Christine is also a White Widow Auto-flower but in FFHF.

They are both 25 days in their respective soil. I watered them last on 8/25; watering before that was on 8/16. The soil is not dry.

My light is on 20% at 32". HLG 600R-SPEC.

I have not added any nutes yet.

Only thing is I had to go to the ER last night and instead of 5 1/2 hours of lights out; they got 12 hours. Could this have caused it? I doubt it myself.

I don’t think it is an issue of too much light as you will see their placement in the pic.

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Look like a little nitrogen toxicity to me. Also you can’t grow cannabis without light timers. No way to have success by doing it manually.
Best of luck and happy growing

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@Indicanna_Jones , You could be right. I know it is hard to see but the tips of this other plan just showed some yellow like 2 hours gotta zoom in a bit.

These other 2 are cupping upwards… different plant…

@Hellraiser do you concur?

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Yes, got some nitrogen toxicity going on like @Indicanna_Jones said. The FFOF is considered a “hot” soil, has a lot of nutes in it. Autos can be sensitive to higher nute levels much more so than photo plants.

Not much you can really do about it at this point though, flushing would reduce the ppm in the soil but then the soil is going to stay wet for a long time which is not good either.

I would just let it ride, it’s a self correcting issue as the nutes in the soil get used up.


Will that make them curl upwards as well?

I thought that the toxicity would have hit them sooner in the grow… or do they keep getting hut with more and more as their roots spread?

@Hellraiser & @Indicanna_Jones - thank you both.

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The nutes in FFOF are organic and it takes a while (couple weeks) for those organic nutes to start “cooking” and start making the nutes available to the plant.


I get that same issue with ffof so I now use happy frog. I wouldnt worry too much but next time you could use ocean forest on the bottom and a light mix on top.
I only grow auto’s in the winter but pull some big yields so I know how important it is to get them off to a good start but honestly I don’t think its very bad at all and they prob won’t miss a beat.



These are the first yellowing leaves.
This Norma, a 38 day old Gold Leaf Feminized in FFOF.

Does this mean she needs some nutes?
I have Cal-Mag, Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom & grow Big.

This is Theresa a 38 day old White Widow Auto-flower in FFHF.
Just starting to yellow.

This girl is Zoe a 38 day old White Widow Auto-flower in FFOF.
Some slight yellowing on a bottom leaf but it was laying directly on the soil, so I’m not sure about this one.

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The gold leaf in the ocean forest looks pretty good to me. I wouldnt start feeding just yet but would prob start feeding half dose here pretty soon for both plants. The white widow in happy frog looks to have just a tiny bit too much nitrogen by the looks of it.

Definitely keep an eye of your runoff ph and tds. Foxfarm soil is loaded with organics so there is no need to feed until your runoff tds get down to about 800. As long as the tds stays over 1000 there is plenty of food for the plants.

You are approaching the point where I normally start seeing the soil ph dropping so Definitely start checking that to avoid any lock out. Foxfarm adds oyster shell to buffer the ph but it doesn’t seem to be enough to last.


Thank you. Run-off ppm was 940 last time. Admittedly, I did not check the run-off for ph.

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I was waiting to hear about adding nutes to those plants, so I will water now and test both ppm & ph. I will report my findings.

Thank you again. :hamburger: :beers:

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Yes sir…once it hits 800 start feeding at half dose every other watering.

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Results of the 4 that I questioned.

#1 - Zoe - White Widow Auto-flower in FFOF
Ppm: 400 & ph: 6.32

#2 - Abby - Gold Leaf Feminized in FFHF
Ppm: 1140 & ph: 5.6

#3 - Norma - Gold Leaf Feminized in FFOF
Ppm: 270 & ph:6.18

#4 - Theresa- White Widow Auto-flower in FFHF
Ppm: 450 & ph: 5.73

I have BIG Bloom, Grow Big and Tiger Bloom from Fox Farm. I have Cal-mag too. I understand the 1/2 strength doses, but should I use them all at the same time? Do I just mix them all in with my RO water then test ph and adjust if needed?

Should I test ppm of the brew before I water/feed? Is there a target ppm?

You can use full dose of big bloom and calmag but half dose is plenty for grow big and tiger bloom. Always ph after mixing nute and adjust to 6.2 to 6.5

However those plants with low ph runoff i would probably ph the water a little higher to 6.8 just to help bring the ph up. Also once you start feeding its a good idea to get some runoff.

Very very important to have the correct ph going in and coming out.


Thank you!

In you opinion, will they be fine until the next watering?

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Yes and you can start feeding everything except the gold leaf. Maybe another week or so for that one

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I just noticed that you use RO water. Because of that you want to add calmag EVERY water. When using RO water its almost impossible to ph the water because there is little to no minerals to buffer the ph.

I would suggest mixing tap water with RO water to make it more stable. If your tap has chlorine just let it sit out for a day to gas off the chlorine. You will likely have better success doing this as opposed to straight RO water. Thats probably why your soil ph is low and that will definitely cause you issues.