Double Your Pleasure

I just started my second grow yesterday. I am doing a set up with 2 plants, each in their own tent, but the water reservoir will feed both tanks. I selected Trainwreck and California Dream, both from ILGM. my Tents are a 3x3x6 and a 3x4x6 2 in 1. both have a SP2000 light and both are 5 gal DWC buckets with a 1/2 HP chiller.

My last grow was vanilla. This grow I am going to follow the GH feeding chart and include the additives to see if they make a difference at all. I may do some training, but I really only want to introduce one variable at a time.

I will update more as things progress. Right now, I’m just keeping the humidity high and waiting for them to sprout.


Sorry, I acutally have a 1/10 HP chiller. I wanted to clarify that.

So far the little ladies have popped, and the Trainwreck is going insane already. Way taller than the Cali Dream.

I ran into a possible issue, it looks like my water system is going to have to be reconfigured. I don’t have a flat space for the water lines because they are going through 2 different tents. I’m not getting a good flow that way. So, I had ordered a back up chiller which should be on its way soon. As soon as that gets here, I’m going to re-route my water lines so each one has their own chiller.

I was a little annoyed by this at first, but this will let me stagger my grows so I can be harvesting every 2 months. And if I can make use of cloning, this might end up being a better option anyway.

I just didn’t want to have to add another chiller to the mix.

I moved the Cali Dream to the DWC yesterday, no nutrients yet, just water. I have the water about and inch below the basket with the air stone creating a nice soft boil. The bottom of the basket is just getting sprayed by the turbulence, so I think the level is just about perfect. Temps are about 80% with about 80% Rh. She looks much darker green today after a day in the tent, so I think I have the environment correct.

The Trainwreck is showing a little bit of green at the center where the new growth is developing. I’m hopeful she might pull through.

California Dream


It looks like I have everything adjusted correctly with the California Dream and she is coming along fine. Nice and green, looks healthy, water levels are where I want them, humidity and temps are right in the sweet spot.

The Trainwreck seedling is still fighting. I think she might pull through. I took another picture this morning and she is still showing a good green color at the center/new growth. I think new shoots are starting too, so that gives me hope.


California Dream

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a better picture of the California Dream

SInce I am now in week 2, I have added a very low dose of the recommended nutrients following the GH feed chart. I have cut the dose to about a quarter. I have added

Along with the Flora Micro, Flora Grow, and Flora Bloom, I added Diamond Nectar and Flora Blend as recommended. I want to see how much of a difference they make

Since one of the two I am growing this time is California Dream, which is one of the parents of the Blue Dream strain I grew last time, I’m betting their yield should be close so I can use that as a gauge.

I’m getting impatient waiting for the new roll of 3/4" hose I ordered. It is the only thing keeping me from hooking up the chiller to the second system and moving the Trainwreck seedling to the DWC.

For the time being I moved the container I have it in into the same tent to keep it in high humidity. WIth any luck, that will keep her going for the next few days until I can get the other system operational.

I am getting a little frustrated with this Trainwreck grow. It’s not the plant that I’m frustrated with. I ordered more 3/4 hose because I don’t have a section long enough and unkinked enough to run from the return pump in my reservoir to the chiller intake. I ordered more on the 5th, and it finally gave an ETA of Wed. I found another place that has it and can get it here by Saturday. I was hoping to have everything set up tomorrow and move the Trainwreck into my RDWC by then, but it looks like it’s going to be another day. I’m starting to get a little concerned it’s going to be too late.

On the other hand, the California Dream seems to be doing just fine. I added a 1/4 dose of nutrients to the water yesterday and today she looks like she grew a bit.

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I should have thought of this earlier. This should work until I can get the other container set up.

The good news: I got the second system finished today. My ladies will now have a room of their own.

However, the bad news: I decided to call the Trainwreck lost. I have replaced it with a Critical Mass XXL AF. I haven’t done an autoflower yet and I have a few seeds, so here goes.

I’m also trying to germinate directly in the cocoa pod in the RDWC container. I’m curious to see if it’s possible. I have the water level fairly low so it shouldn’t get saturated with water. The humidity and temps are high, RH is about 80% Temps are around 70-75. I’m running the ventilation fan on very low right now to keep the humidity up. We’ll see in the next few days.

Meanwhile, the California Dream is still going strong.

I’m still trying to figure out what might have gone wrong with the Trainwreck. Someone on the forums mentioned it looked like it got fried with nutrients. It is possible because I had sprayed a foliar spray with root solution, but I’m surprised the California Dream didn’t get fried also. It was in the same chamber, right beside the Trainwreck pod.

So I don’t know, but I have lost more where that came from.

lots…I have lots more Trainwreck is what I meant to say.

Today has been interesting. A buddy spotted something on the stem of my California Dream that he thought looked like dampening off. I grabbed a picture and @peachfuzz was able to confirm it was. I squeezed some of the water out of the cocoa pod, turned up the ventilation fan speed, brought the dehumidifier way down, drained about a gallon of water (it had 8 gals) and kept the air stone shut off for a while. So far, she’s still standing upright and the stem doesn’t seem to be weakend. I have since turned the air stone back on since the level dropped a fair amount. Hopefully I made the adjustment in time.

I also checked the critical mass pod. it had been fairly dry last night, but it was pretty saturated today, so I squeezed the water out of that, dropped the level in the DWC and shut off the air stone for now (since I decided to try germinating the Critical Mass right in the DWC site). I’ll wait until it has roots to turn the air stone back on. I don’t want another issue with moisture.

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I’m much more anxious during this grow than I was during the first grow. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m still working out kinks in the system (finally got them figured out) or because I’m juggling two plants at the seedling phase. I remember this phase being stressful last time too, but not like this.

I finally was able to stop a leak I was chasing all day (my own mistake of not putting an O ring in place). I’m still trying to figure out why my Trainwreck seedling died, but I’m going to chalk that one up to my mistake as well… The California Dream was having some dampening off issues.

I think if I am able to see obvious signs of life from the seed and signs that the California Dream is recovering, I’ll feel a lot better.

However, I have learned a lot about the seedling phase this round so all in all, it’s ok regardless of what happens.

I just checked them again (I’m a helicopter dad to my girls). I think I got what I wanted. The dampening looks a lot better, and the seed looks like it’s starting to split the shell.

Earlier Today



Thanks again @peachfuzz for helping me get that issue corrected. I think you saved my little lady.

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Ya , those plugs tend to stay too wet sometimes…
In dwc or rdwc , I like to use rockwhool…
It’s more forgiving… :+1::wink:

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Critical Mass is still coming along.

California Dream is still coming along also

Ok, I’m back on track with two little ladies. California Dream is coming along well. And the Critical Mass AF finally sprouted today.

Critical Mass

California Dream

Critical Mass is doing fine.

California Dream

Critical Mass XXL Auto

I did a drain and fill yesterday for both. I added a 1/4 dose of nutrients for the California Dream. She seems to be doing really well with it today.

I also did a drain and fill for the Critical Mass XXL AF, but I only added cal mag to the solution. I will be adding nutes in a few days (I ready for AF only add after day 10). Until then, I’m just waiting to see more root growth. So far, it’s just the tap root. It looks like another root is about to emerge, but so far, just one.

The stem of the California Dream looks a lot better now. I have a lot more confidence in her.

California Dream

Critical Mass XXL AF

I found a guide that finally answered a question I didn’t know I had. I think the underlying “concern” I had all along was being able to recognize the different stages of the growth cycle.

Anyway, the ladies are both showing a lot more root growth today. Lots of new roots is always a good sign.

I’m still having issues with the pods holding water, but it seems like as long as I have a fan directly on the base of the stem, it’s keeping the dampening off from occurring.

Critical Mass XXL AF

California Dream