Does This Seedling Have A Future?

Hello everyone. My first grow is almost complete, so I’ve decided to start round 2. I germinated and planted one fem 8 Ball Kush along with a Sour Diesel in FFOF soil. The SD was growing rapidly until my cat pulled it out and laid the remains for me to find. Luckily, I have more of those so that’s starting over. The 8 Ball Kush germinated quickly but seems stunted. It has three Cotyledons and a twisted looking small set of leaves. The color looks healthy but it has barely budged the last three days.

This seed was a freebie from Barney’s Farm that came with a purchase. My first two plants came from ILGM and did great. The only other thing that I can think of was the shell stayed on for longer. I gently used tweezers to remove it but it basically fell right off. Is this thing worth my time, or should I start over? I have this sitting on a warming mat with humidity at 60% (closet). I’ve got one 100w equivalent CFL pointed about 6 inches or so from the top.


That kind of thing happens from time to time. Give it a while and it’ll probably be fine. Maybe a little delayed in getting started but nothing to worry about, I’d say.

@nwellborn85 I second what @PhantomFarmer said. She may grow up to be the prettiest plant around. I say let her go, and see what happens.

You’re over-watering it… stop… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Didn’t consider that. I’ll back off and see what happens. Thanks!


@peachfuzz i concur! That soil looks too wet! @nwellborn85 just lightly mist and out under a dome. Seedlings need high humidity


@peachfuzz is correct over watering looks to be the issue
Also you canput a stick or similar item to help support her let soul dry up and mist top layer ince or twice a day ti keep layer moist not wet should never look like mud


So diligent misting 2 times daily I can’t remember last time I misted a seedling or clone? put a plastic bag over pot ziplock bags work best rigid enough to not contact leafs so long as there is condensation forming on bag they have more than enough RH and water. If pot feels dry and light water otherwise neglect is your friend too often we over worry and care our plants into ill health they are weeds they will thrive even given little attention


Thanks for the info. I put a plastic bag over it after misting and its coming along faster now. I think it’ll turn out nicely :slight_smile:

Buy one of these. It is a water meter. 5 dollars on ebay. It will be a really good investment.


Hahaha yeah i try @Donaldj

I check my grow every morning before i head out the door at 3am buddy
If i have beans starting i will mist if needed
I usually do start my cups in a progation tray with a dome so i will not need to spray twice a day actually
With out a dome ill need to mist twice a day
And once started i lightly water cups instead
I usually advise new growers to mist to prevent over watering brother

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I only advise you use tbis to check moisture
They are notoriously in accurate fir ph readings

I live in the mountains and we have awesome water so I never had to check. I use it for moisture only.