Does my White widow auto look okay?

Dropped the seeds in the water September 1st . Does these look okay??? What’s my next step?? I’m scared to screw them up.

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Looks good, I would consider using bigger pots or at least make sure your pot is full on your next grow looks like a what 2 gallon pots but they are only halfish full of soil, autos don’t do well with transplant shock but if you are confident you can pull the plant outa the pot put more soil in and put it back in or just transplant, risks are stunned growth and or she may just go right into flower from the stress depending on how good you are uppotting, but again autos are pretty picky some transplant fine some don’t/ also as for next step is flower probably she’s going on just over 4 weeks she could flip anytime now

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Doing great

Day 36… I have left the light on. But when do I start doing the 12/12 or what everi need to do? First time growing need some tips from here! Please and thank you

*Also I have my tent in my building but want to move it to my house which is only a few feet away. Should I wait to the next grow or would it be okay to move them. ??

It really doesn’t matter my friend, autos do what they do ,they flower when they flower , just enjoy the ride💯

I think plants will be fine as long as u mind their light cycle while ur doing it but disassembly and reassembling sounds like too much of a mission for me, unless u know… it’s just gonna move without having to take shit apart