Does CBD % vary from grow to grow

So if i bought some seeds and it said it’s thc% is usually @ 25% and cbd % is usually < 0.5% is it possible after i harvest for my test results to come back showing 10.8% THC and 10.4% CBD or does it sound like I received the wrong seeds? There isn’t that much variance is there? The seeds were supposedly from blue dream and lemon thai. Im thinking i got some seeds the dude crossed from a cbd strain or something…?

Environmental conditions, and some genetics are at play here. Environment will vary, and vary between grows. The claim they made was they achieved in their environment. Your grow may vary.

so the cbd% can go from 0 to 10.78% just with a different environment? The ideal environment shouldn’t be that much different from grow house to grow house. everyone is shooting for basically the same environment… wouldn’t they?

All of the percentages will vary, I don’t think it would be zero. Especially if it’s a strain that is supposed carry a certain percentage of CBD/THC. But there is variables involved.

well im saying the seeds i bought said @ 24%thc and <0.5% cbd. so my lab results of 11.82% THC and 10.78%CBD is a huge jump… making me think it’s not the strain i ordered. in the same environment i have had strains well above 20%thc…

Phenotype possibly?

Maybe you got the wrong strain…
Maybe the lab made a mistake…

yeah, maybe. had it tested 2 times. If they were what i ordered then the strain was not stabilized which is pretty bad coming from a guy using Kushman as his last name… Doesnt seem to care that he sold me some crap so he is obviously just using the Kushman name so you think he knows what he is doing. Unless it’s Kyle Kushman I’d watch out. If you get anything from a Niel Kushman expect zero customer service…you’re better off just using bagseeds.

If it says <0.5% CBD means exactly that. Not much CBD. Now if you want a better CBD strain I will recommend G13 Labs Peach Puree CBD. Its a 1:2 ratio aka 5% THC and 10% CBD.

Another is Garden of Green Super Critical bud CBD. Its said 21% THC and 17% CBD.

Of course these numbers vary but you get the idea.

yeah, it said <0.5%cbd but tested at 10.78%… if you got some peach puree and after growing it, it tested at 25%thc and 1% cbd would you just think it was a different pheno or your environment was off or would you think you were sent the wrong seeds? Thats is what i’m getting at… the labs wouldn’t vary that much , right? Just making sure before i tell the business owner i bought them from he should do something else for his hobby. Im a commercial grower…thankfully it was just a test batch… when your expecting 20-25%thc but get 10%thc, 10% cbd… that hurts the pocketbook. and some of the clones from the same mother would start flowering under 24 hours of light and some grew like normal…not stressed… but the place i got them from doesn’t have any autos…weird.