Does anyone know anything about this red initiation bulb?

Wondering if anyone uses one of these initiation red bulbs?? On the reviews says speeds up flowering stage by 14 days. And no difference of thc levels or yield Believe it or not? No Ripleys!!

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Hellraiser uses it, decreased his flowering time. He is one of the most respected and biggest influencer on this forum.

His thread is longggg. He started talking about it here.

Good luck!


I also purchased one after having seen hellraiser talk about it. Didn’t get it set up this grow will try it next time!


Just received 2 last week.

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So Do you only run the red light 10-15 minutes before total darkness? Are you supposed to run the light by itself or with your grow light?
The HLG 60 supplement light, does that do the same? I’m using 600 hps I feel like I need more color to help with the flowering or maybe I’m just getting in my own way trying so much on my first grow. I just don’t like to fail so I’m lookin to grow some sticky ickey

I was under the assumption that you ran these bulbs 10-15 min before lights on and 10-15 after lights out.

I haven’t done enough research on them yet. I was a little buzzed when I ordered them.