Do you flush Coco coir the same way

Hi this is my first time growing in coco and want to know if you flush your plants growing in Coco the same way you flush them in soil? I’m growing with organic liquids.

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I’m just a newer grower and use pro-mix cc40 coco and I just flushed with straight water the last two weeks of flower. I used 5 gallon pots and used approx. 2.5-3 gallons of water on each pot the last two weeks of watering. Smoke came out very smooth.

Thank you 420keppy

does this have any time release nutrients?

Nothing in the soil. I add all the liquid nutrients in each watering. About every 3-4 days. I start using only a pint or so water when they are small and build up the amount. Right now at week 7 of flower the plants are using about a gallon and a half every 3 days. That’s when my meter days the soil is dry. I just switched over to water only from here on out to clean them out.

Ty @420keppy

i am a new grower and i am also growing in co co and perlite. do you use a ppm meter, if so. what numbers do you shoot for, on the watering and then check the run off numbers what is good or bad numbers thanks RAY


I use the pro-mix cc40. I haven’t been checking run off water but I have used a soil tester a few times. I normally run general hydroponics part a and part b with Kool bloom bulking formula and floralicious plus vitality enhancer. I pH the water to 6.1-6.4 and when I tested the soil it was nearly the same but lower after it dries out. Doesn’t seem to lose or build up much. I use my well water which runs about 7 pH so I add pH reducer in every watering. In doors and out I water just enough so that about every 3-4 days they need water. The soil dries out nicely and doesn’t compact too much and I do not do any soil additives, just the liquid nutes every watering. I’m a newer grower as well and get a lot of help from my local grow shop and from experienced growers on here as well. Hope that helps some

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Latest program. Girl scout cookies extreme autos.

thanks, all new to me. grew last year had petty good luck, but this year not so good .ray

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Indoors or out? I assume this is a new soil this grow?

Pictures of issues?

IN DOORS, in co co, grow bags, hid lights co2 got a tent coming to help control everything thanks RAY

I would expect once you get your setup stabilized with your tent you should be good to go. It took me some time to get my indoor 5ftx8ft grow rooms air flow, temp, and humidity dialed in. Looking forward to pictures as yours comes together.

I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT, ppm .when i water and i use rain water the number is 14 when i add nukes it goes to about 350 when i check my runoff (growing in co co ) would i want my numbers to be lower. by about how much, single plants 1 ft 5weeks old thanks RAY