Do these look ok?

I have 5 plants 2 are unknown and 3 are in amnesia haze. The two unknown are not in bud but my amnesia haze are because they are autos. Do they look ok for an out door grow?


Welcome to the forum! Awesome growers are ready to help.

They look happy :v: I would check for bugs on the lower leaves. I can see some white spots and minor damage.

Wow looks lush,I’m new to this and grown mine in pots… outside during the day and put in shed when sun goes down, the shed has windows so wakes with the natural day light…about 12 weeks just noticed white hairs this morning…what do you think? Any ideas what I should do next :laughing:


@Libz1405 Welcome to the community there looking good.

Welcome to the community. There looking nice and healthy just keep up with what your doing.

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welcome and as some body told me here once @LoCoRock now its time to do what you came here for lol

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They look awesome…congrats keeping them alive and all, getting to flowering is a small victory. Atleast feels that way sometimes…LoL


I’m just letting nature do its thing and not bothering the girls too much.

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Thanks for that, it does feel like a victory…lol,just worried that when weather changes and not able to go out side…I’ve not used lights or anything,just blood and fish bone in soil…how long from now til done

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You still got about 2 months, 6 weeks best case scenario…

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I had some leaf septoria and I carefully cut all the affected leaves off and have not seen any signs since. Because I cut so many leaves off will that affect my budding?

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I doubt it… how many leaves, pics? Seriously doubt it though, ppl hack almost all the leaves with some types of flowering methods.

After i cut the leaves. And does that look like its getting ready to start budding?

15982784450423015277845880231967|375x500 after I cut leaves

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They look fine although I don’t see buds but it’s not a very close close up. The new growth is pretty light green watcha feeding. If it is going into flower your gonna lighten up on the nitrogen. Regardless man that not a lot of leaves at all no worries

Brill :wink:thankyou

@LoCoRock Honestly I’m breaking all the rules and I use miracle grow in miracle gro potting soil. I don’t water because we get light rain everyday. And they are growing and cloth pots. But it started out as an experiment with 2 seeds that came from 2 separate bags and when they started germinating I ordered seeds from crop king seeds and 3 of my 5 amnesia hazes germinated

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MG isnt breaking all the rules just hard as hell to diagnose and correct being extended release. They look good though and that’s not an easy accomplishment especially growing outside with the elements. I’m in the tropics practically w the humidity it’s a challenge. Inside is so much more controllable.

Another problem with miracle grow is the N will not go away during flower. You still need it, just at lower levels. No the problem is the P and K, becuse its a time release formula, you dont know how much P and K to add if any? So bud growth is fly by wire kinda? You cant flush it, and every time you water you activate the fertilizer in the medium.