Do theee autos look right

Gorilla cookies auto the other one is Runts auto The short plant just started flowering the first pics is the gorilla cookies Auto it’s been flowering for about three weeks it just seems like it has small both sides to me using great lake soil and 5 gallon pots

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Pictures didn’t come through @Jamesbryant

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All plants are different even though there same seeds they look awesome @Jamesbryant nice job

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What Do you think I might build it’s under a spider farmer 450 W LED

Autos tend to be smaller. Looking very happy and healthy. Nothing wrong with that light for two plants.

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What dli should I use …I’m at 80 right now

With 1350 ppfd

80 is likely too high of a DLI. 45 -60 is what I see most doing.
Check this thread for more info.

What I don’t understand is I have my light 18 inches above canopy so to get it to 45 to 50 DLI I would have to turn it down to 60% output so that would be 450 W that would be like 280 or something off the top of my head I didn’t do it with a Calculator but I’m saying doesn’t more watts equal more yeidl I don’t understand

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I take it this is a single point measurement.
What are you using to obtain this reading?
What light do you have - specific brand & model.

As you move away from the center of the light, PPFD drops off. The amount of decline depends on vertical and horizontal distance from the center as well as power draw.

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I have this light I also have a hlg 650

This is sf-4000 450 w draw but Should I keep the light the same height above canopy or should I raise it and put it at 100% output which would be 450 W because if I keep it what it is now and lower it to 60% output on the dimmer that would equal to 50 DLI but wouldn’t that mean less healed because it wouldn’t be 450 W because it only be a little over half output

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Using Photone app iPhone with diffuser

DLI is a measurement based on what the plants are genetically able to process. It’s very loosely like a cup, once it’s full, it’s full and can’t take anymore. Having a flawlessly controlled environment AND supplementing CO2 can allow them to unlock a little more stomach room to eat more light.

But eventually they get full and simply can’t process more.

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Looking nice and healthy Growmie. @Underthestairs & @beardless gotcha covered on your lighting. I would mention some defoliation to open them up for air circulation and light penetration :love_you_gesture:


I’m not sure what you are thinking off.
I did play around with the PPFD map and I hope this makes sense.
You were concerned with a PPFD reading of 1350. Yes this is high if it applied to the entire area. But it is a single reading - i.e. where your phone was. You get a much different result when looking at the space covered.
This is the SF4000 PPFD map at 22" in a 4x4’ enclosed space

You can see how the numbers decrease as you move from the center. The corners are well under half of the center’s reading.

Taking this into account I would place my plants so to avoid the corners - within the circle

I took the readings within the circle to obtain the average PPFD for this area and determined the resulting DLI

This puts the DLI right where you want it to be as given in this graph

Set your light at 20 - 22" and crank it 100%.
I have a 3x3 tent with 450 watts. During late veg and early flower I will set the light at 16 - 18" and see how the plants react. I may have to raise it if the the plants react negatively.

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I also got a hlg light rspec 650 …in my grow tent it’s 3 days into flower … But my point is is I need to know this because I’ve always heard that more wattage equals more yield so what I don’t get is Like my HLG in my grow tent is 20 inches above my camp canopy at full blast it creates probably 70 DLiin the middle It’s covering a 5 x 5 area even all the way around it pretty much does above 60 DLI so what I’m saying is pretty much the LI equals light output… So how wouldn’t my HLG at full blast trading 7580 DIY every where even if the plants aren’t burning at the canopy and they’re not under light stress how could that not be good see her saying during flower you don’t need as much watts ?


Take a look at this video. I think it will help answer your question.

In the most general terms your presumption is correct. But there are limitations that must be overcome for it to occur. Indoor home growers generally do not have the facilities to maximize the use of extremely high PPFD / DLI. After a point, the rate of return as measured by photosynthesis and plant mass flattens as DLI increases. The relationship is not linear.
As DLI increases the plants environment and inputs must be enhanced / maximized.


Later in flower yes

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Look at my platinum Kush breath remix I just switched to flower three days ago they’re in a 5 x 5 tent and 7 gallon pots with 1200 actual watts Look for yourself what do you think I will yield