Do nanners effect smoke

I was at my end spurt waiting on my nl auto trichomes to turn when i noticed what i think to be nanners. So I went ahead and harvested without removing them thinking it was signaling it’s end. Question is will this effect quality and or potency

It’s now a hermaphrodite. All the kids are doing it.

I think you will be fine. Also hopefully with all your tribbings you are making bubblegum hash. It’s a pain in the ass but worth it. I always grow mine to the later weeks so I get foxtailing :scream_cat:
I had a tall plant and I was moving it hit the ceiling too high smooshed the Middle stalk.
Now I got a three head LOL you must have stressed it out the top bud turned into three

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I appreciate the advice… This is my first grow and i was wanting to make hash but hadn’t decided how yet. There’s a video where he uses ice water then a coffee filter to filter it out i thought seemed pretty doable with stuff already at home…

Exactly with ice. In one 5 gallon bucket I put all my scraps stem stuff like that cut it up smallish cold water and ice… then with all those screens in another five gallon bucket I pour it in there repeat if you have a lot of medium. Last time I did it I had a little over half ounce of hashy stuff.

I had a plant hermie and didnt even know until i pulled a sample bud from the drying rack and started to break it up. Found a few mature seeds… did it affect the smoke? Nah. Still tastes awesome and makes your neurons fire off sideways…