Do I need to spray with something

So this is my Shiatsu Kush that has been budding for about a month. I noticed some sort of white on the leaves. Should I be spraying it with something or leave it alone? Thanks

Liberally apply hydrogen peroxide to all areas. It’s white powder mold.


Is it ok to spray the buds? Or should I try not to. Is the mixture 1-3?

I would go as high as 1:1, of you don’t see an improvement there, I would higher. It’s safe to spray the flowers.

Thanks for the help. Does it make any sense to add a little into the water when I feed them?

Not really. It’ll kill the microbes in the soil. Those are
Kind of important. :wink:

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Is there anything else you can use other than hydrogen peroxide. Looks like everyone near me is sold out of it.

I have a plant with white powder mold, it is in budding stage. Can it be saved? If I do the hydrogen peroxide what is the ratio and what time of day should I apply. I am in Michigan and it is starting to get cold at night.

I would apply early in the morning if you can. It’ll have a better chance to dry out later in the day. Getting cold isn’t such a huge deal as long as your plant is getting closer to finishing. (Not a long flowering strain)
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