Do I need to cover my girls (right after planting them into the cardboard cups) so they get more humidity?

I’ve read so much stuff for over 2 mos. now so it’s all just blending together…Just got my auto mixpack (GG, GSCE,& BB) last night and am germinating 2 of each strain, just to leave margin for error lol…I’ve read numerous times that I should cover them, but its monsoon season down here in southern AZ…We’re about 10-15° cooler than Tucson…Super humid…
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Not everyone does that, for example @Hellraiser who is one of the best growers here has great success with leaving them in open air

So really it’s not necessary to some them


I’m alittle confused. Are you talking about covering them now? As seeds and turn into sprouts…
Or covering them once they are outside and dealing with the monsoon style rains?

Probably asking about doming the seedlings at this point, which some growers like to do (I’m not one of them).


I agree with @Hellraiser. Inalso dont dome mine.


Covering them NOW, b4 they sprout…And will these do better outside in the sun, and giving them PLENTY of water bc of where I live (AZ) and the soil dries out SUPER quick??? I’m new to all this, kinda lol

I just sprouted 4 auto gorilla glue from here, they are 14 days old now. I never domed them so some of it is just personal preference. Ideally seedlings want 50-70% RH. Inside my home my RH stays around 50% so I didn’t worry about it. If I lived somewhere that RH was way lower 30% or lower I probably would have domed them or worried about it more.

Hope this helps