Do I Need a Water Filter?

I have my tent in my work shop. I use city water that is in my shed next to the tent.

My PPM on tap is slightly below 200 before adding nutes.

Question Would it be beneficial to add a filter to my shop water supply.

My plant seems to be doing fine (day 40) but wondering if the filter would be a good addition to my system?


200 PPM tap is pretty good, actually. I wouldn’t worry about it. A filter isn’t going to do a whole lot with PPM that low.



Great. Thanks

Save a few bucks

morning Doug…I am a firm believer that just like the light your water is super important in your grow…the cleaner your water and grow medium is the smoother your product will be

and so you have 200ppm of what??? we all know how honest our water treatment municipalities can be

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Our well water is over 500 ppm i put in 3 filters and no change because filters dont have much affect on dissolved solids its kinda like trying to filter the dissolved sugar out of the koolaid. What did work was the ro system i put in. The 500 ppm comes out at 12-17 ppm and the ph is nothing, it becomes whatever you add to it. I use this just for the plants because ours is full of iron and the ph is high taking lots of ph down to correct which i didnt want getting to the weed. It keeps my 55 gal barrel full. Also you cant drink ro water as it will leach minerals from your body.

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Tap cold 160 - 180ppm. Had trouble germ seeds for a while. Got a Brita and back to 90%+ germ. It might be a coincidence, I wish I knew. But now I use it for babies and tap water for older. 4 garden boxes and one in-ground patch also get tap and do well

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Is one of your filters a resin filter?

Yo I use this filter. Very useful. My water is around 40ppm without it but i don’t want to air out my tap water for 24hrs because of chlorine. Not sure how much it will reduce your ppm, but it could be worth it.

• Chlorine
• Heavy Metals
• Sediments & Total Dissolved Solids

$50 bucks at my local garden store.

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That filter is really more suited to a well like I have. You’d really need to go with a RO filtering system for city water @HotAndHumid

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I use city water no problem here but I would go with RO if i could.