Do I have nutrient deficiency?

Purple Haze grown in Fox Farm soil, using FF trio plus CalMag. Seed came up in May and plant was looking very healthy as well as nice size. Live in south where we have had lots of 90 degrees days with high humidity Battling spider mites, not completely gone but I am doing my best to hold them off. Sprayed with CJDB, then lost another plant to spider mites so I freaked and sprayed with water and peroxide mixture. Leaves definetely got burned but now I’m thinking maybe I have a nutrient deficiency. Throughout the entire grow my PH going in has been around 6.5 to 6.9 but coming out always in the 5 range. Since plants were looking good I let it go. But now in flower (about 8/21) I’m worried I have a bigger problem. Can someone look at my pics and tell me if you think I have a nutrient deficiency? Lots of leaves turning like the last pic then turning yellow. Also pistols have turned dark and hardly no new white pistols, clawing small leaves below the top buds. This is my first grow and has been much more complicated than I anticipated. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Clawing leaves


Might be time for a flush. If you’re using soil that is buffered for cannabis and its coming out that low somethings not right. If you flush till you get the PH right on the outswing then give it a feeding with PHd water. This is what I had to do on my grow. Later in flower youll want your PH to be around 6.5 to 6.8

@HeyJB thanks for the response. I flushed this morning. She’s in a 10 gallon pot and needs water every 1-2 days with the heat down here. I probably ran 20+ gallons of water with a ph of 6.5 and the run off at the end was 6.0. Not where it needs to be. All my large fan leaves are turning yellow and the buds are hardly making any trichomes. I’m afraid she is not getting the nutrients she needs. I have a clone of her that I cut at the end of July. I know it was late in the season but I wanted try to experiment to see if I could get a clone to grow. Well she is growing and doing well. Her leaves are beautiful and her buds are making trichomes. She looks so much better than her mother. That’s why I really believe the mother plant may be starving.

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With the PH low it will be starving for something. Try and put your ph water in slightly higher like 7 and see how the PH comin out looks.