DIY True High Pressure Aeroponic System for $300

Oh I see. Yeah I guess that would be tough once they get bigger. I am currently building 6 small screens to fill my room. Since the plants are not all the same size. Plus I am not tall enough to reach across one giant screen. I realized very quickly that my 6 containers give me very little space to move around in my grow room. I am going to remove one container so I can stand in there and bask in the glory :bow:

Nice setup. I have 12x12 room in the basement I’m working on. Probably a 6x6 flower room and a 6 x 12 veg area and a small sprout area, shelves and a workbench too. lots of work do


Awesome. I mean expensive! But very very cool stuff sir.

If it works it should pay for itself in one grow

Sweet looking set up

Thanks @Tonyb Im doing a grow journal too. Should have pic tomorrow. I dont have a camera so I have to wait till my son comes up with his iPhone to get pics. But they are looking awesome

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What did you use to bore the holes into the lid of the cooler?

A hole saw. I got mine from harbor freight for $17. It comes in a set with different sizes from 1" to 5"

It doesnt look like this post is used much anymore but… I recently borrowed am ezcloner and am hooked. I got 18/18, with roots that were biggest ive ever seen. Most of the SS showed roots in 48-72 hrs. Anyways I’ve been pricing parts. Thinking something like 6"-8" white pvc

Can decide what would work better a few rows or a square shape with a light hanging vertical in the middle?
@MAXHeadRoom can you post some more picts? How’s it work? Any suggestions?

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Sorry for crude drawing. Lol super duper baked an the ideas come faster then my hands can doodle.

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Are you going to use a cooler or something else?

@dbrn32 @MAXHeadRoom
So I’ve been gathering parts for an aeroponics set up.
I’ve got a pump, line, fittings, and nozzles on the shopping list. Haven’t clicked the buy button yet.
I’m at about $160 in parts.

On your particular set up with your pump, what is the approximate pressure while in operation?

I found a pump that does 150psi and does 1.5 gpm. I know this is big, but I want to leave room for expansion. .5 gpm will do 20 something nozzles easily.
I would only be able to do one specific strain in one string of nozzles, and would need a seperate pump pretty much for each strain as they probably would need individual nutrient schedules, or do you think I might be able to get away with it? What are your thoughts on this?

Would it be a good idea to install a fogger in the bottom or is that just overkill?

Is a cooler recommended, or would a plastic tote serve the same purpose?

Thanks @MAXHeadRoom


You need a pump with min. 100psi. I have an Aquatec CDP 8800 that I run on each system. These pumps are very reliable. I’m not sure how many misters(nozzles) you can run off one pump, but I have 8 on one unit and 6 on the other. Of course the more misters you run the bigger your pump has to be. A good mister pump combo will be able to produce the 5 to 50 micron droplets that your looking for.


A plastic tote will do the same thing as a cooler, but keeping your res temps between 65-70 degrees may be more difficult in a tote.

I hope that helps. :sunglasses:


@MAXHeadRoom would recommend the 8 nozzles per plant? Or would you change that?
If so, more or less?
Just figuring gallonage per minute and per nozzle.
Just gathering parts and pieces. Thanks in advance.

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4 per plant is enough in my experience. The whole idea behind this type of system is to create 5 to 50 micron droplets that attach themselves to the roots and are absorbed by the roots. If your roots are dripping wet after a spraying then it is to much.

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New here and hope it’s ok to post on old threads…
Great build thread @MAXHeadRoom!!!
You have definitely inspired my ideas about getting started with aeroponics.
Did you ever get any pics? Perhaps you started a new thread?
Sorry for questions, but hope to read some replies!

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If you click on maxheadroom’s profile he journaled his grows. There’s some learning potential in there.
Unfortunately he doesn’t post anymore.
Welcome to the forum @MeChappy!


Thanks for the heads up @Covertgrower!
I’ll dig around…


@MeChappy I’m new to aeroponics/hydro as well, but I have a journal going with a homemade high pressure system right now if you want to tag along for the journey.


Here is the link if you want to check it out.