DIY Carbon Filter

Has anyone had experience making their own carbon filter? I have a space thats about 2x12×10(just a regular closet). I would like to make one of the 5 gallon bucket filters and let it sit freestanding in the closet and run continuously as a scrubber. There are lots of plans for the idea on youtube and stuff if you havent seen one here’s a link.

I suppose the only variable would be the speed of the fan I use on it. Id like to get more input on the idea or experience on homeade carbon filters.

*question was asked in grow journal but posted here hoping for bigger a audience

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I looked at the cost of activated carbon. I found it still cheaper to buy a replacement.


To properly use activated charcoal it needs to be washed in R/O or distilled water: a very tedious operation (take it from someone who had to do this weekly to polish vodka)


While I will admit there seems to be a pretty big difference in performance from cheap filter to quality filter, I would probably buy a cheap one before attempting to make my own.

Also noted 4 gallons worth of activated carbon will probably set you back more than a filter.


My bad about the link. I just thought we couldnt talk about anything as an advertisement. I agree about the cost of it generally but Ive seen it cheaper by other people who built their own. Comments by some of those people say it would work for a small room as a scrubber. Im assuming it would run 24/7 and move a good amount of air. I havent seen mention of the washing @Myfriendis410. Is that a one time thing? Wouldnt it come from the manufacturer like that if so?

My motivation for wanting to do this is to avoid being confined to a tent and having to vent anywhere. Thanks for the input!

A cheep filter for small space is only 39.99, just not worth trying to cut cost. Use for a grow or two (if stored well) toss and replace.


It will work as good as its built I’m assuming. Air leaks will be scent leaks, obviously.

I didn’t search extensively, but looks like you can get 20 pounds for around $60. In appearance you would need a few of those 20lb bags. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.