Distilled Water

Is it ok to use distilled water on 2 week old seedlings for a 7 day period ?

It should be.

It depends on what you mean by “to use for a 7 day period”. Are you using hydro or soil? In soil or a soil like medium that can stay very wet for a long time, feeding the distilled water to the seedling every day for 7 days could water log the soil and drown the seedling’s roots. Also the pH of the root zone is of some consideration, pH adjustment of the distilled water might need to be done depending on what kind of soil mixture or the type of soil-like or soil-less media or hydro system that the seedling is growing in.

But in most cases I can’t think of anything wrong with using distilled water on seedlings for up to 3 weeks. You normally don’t want to start feeding too strong of plant food/fertilizer to the plant too soon anyway, not until the plant has developed a few sets of true leaves and alternating nodes – these indicate the plant has a healthy well developed root zone ready for nutrients and that won’t get easily burnt by the nutrients.

If you are not over watering it and the pH is good and you start to see the plant really lighten up in color, start turning yellow, then the plant needs some food and you should feed it with a mild mixture of proper balanced plant food with the proper NPK ratios for cannabis.

I was a little cryptic with my question. I am traveling with my plants for the holidays and did not want to shock them with strange tap water. I am only misting them twice a day right now. Figured I’d start to water in another week or so. Your answer was awesome thanks so much. I have included pics for any further advice you might have. Thanks again !

Many people prefer distilled water or reverse osmosis purified water, as hard water can throw your pH off and build up in your soil making it way too alkali.

It looks like you have them growing in a soil mixture heavy with peat moss, this can lean towards the acidic, so just keep an eye on that and you should be ok. Otherwise, looking good!