Did I do alright

How do ya think I did. First grow, after drying and curing for a little over a month. The strain is Apple Betty(HerbiesSeeds) or a Zkittles clone(Mother HerbiesSeeds). Still very sticky Trichomes. Did I harvest at right time, did I chop early, or do you think I chopped too late ? This first set of pics is just from like a little popcorn sized nug off of a bigger nug.

Let me know what you think and any tips are appreciated. Plan to start another op very soon, as it’s getting to be Spring and warming up a bit here in Mo.


Same bud, just different pics


Looks good to me…
Great pictures… :drooling_face:


Smoke and tell they look sugar coated for sure.

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I am by no means an expert

but that bud looks good to me any day of the week especially on Sunday funday :relieved: gg I’m in my first grow as well… About 6 weeks in. These are sour diesel fem from ilgm…


Looking good!


Thanks mate what kind of grow setup did you use?

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2x Viparspectra XS1000 lights
1x Vivosun VS1000 light
4x4 grow tent
4" Vivosun exhaust/ventilation
1 Janky ass 30yr old Oscillating fan
2plants (there were three(3) at one point.
Hygrometer/ Thermometer
Started with Fox Farm Trio nutes, switched to Jack’s 3-2-1 during late flower.
Fox Farm: Ocean Forest soil
And a little or alot of whatever else. Lol


What you think just started with this runts and it’s the third run already cleared two pounds and every time they grow different the whole structure of the plant changes when you hold the clone for so long in a suspended state of growth while my flowering room finished out. Each time different. Crazy. Huh

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