Diatomaceous Earth

About to get some FFOF and sprout some Zkittles I’ll be getting soon from here and another ak47 also from ILGM. I’m using a ghetto little grow and was just wonder if I should buy some diatomaceous earth and mix a little in my FFOF to help keep pests away and stuff. Anyone know if it’s a good idea? And if so how much should i mix in?

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It’s a good idea, not too sure on application rate, but don’t think it’s that important.

I would do 1/2-1 cup per 5 gallons of soil. But check around.

It’s preferable to mix a SMALL amount in and put a large amount on top. After being watered in, it’ll end up like concrete if you mix in too much. Not good for root development.

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I mix it in my fox farm soils

I personally think it is a very good idea. I have been doing exactly that for some time now. I never get real accurate with measurements but something like 1 cup per 3-4 gallons sounds about right. I have a big tote that I mix FFOF, organic perlite and 100% food grade DE and leave be till I’m ready to put into grow bags. Also, the DE brings more to the table than just pest control! Good luck!!

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Thanks guys. I’m gonna get some to mix in.
Another quick question then. I see a lot of people add more perlite into their FFOF. But there’s already some in it. Why add more? Should I buy some coco coir+perlite to mix with my FFOF and the Diatomaceous Earth?

If you adopt good watering practices you will not develop pests in soil. I’ve never needed DE ever.

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Well I live in an area with a ton of pests naturally. I spray my yard with stuff but i even get bears where I’m at. So i use my garage. But it’s not completely sealed off due to cracks and stuff so I’ve gotten flies and things in there already. I’d just like to be safer then sorry.


Agreed buddy but one time I had a few unexpected guests included in my freshly opened bag. DE did the trick that time so now for me it is a preventative measure for pests and I get the extra benefits that it brings such as silica, water absorbsion, helps with ferts., etc. Very good point on watering practices!!

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