Diagnosing deffencies

Hello so ive had a problem with these since the begining of flowering. First of all theybwere supossed to be autoflowers they became photoperiod instead. Showing all kinds of deffencies. I repotted them from 5 gal to 15 gal pots in the begeninning of flowering ferdelized them with around 6, 6,5 ph. And i am still having problems. Could this be Genetics? What am i douing wrong??

You say you fertilized. With what? The first, third and fourth photo looks like a K issue.

Do you use a cal Mag +? That second photo looks like Ca deficiency.

Do you use microbes? Even though you fertilized, your plant may not be using the nutrients efficiently. Using microbes helps the ion exchange that happens between roots and grow medium.

I used Promix Soil which i think is a good brand i ferdelized with epsom salt a and bone meal becouse it looked like she needed magnesium. A couple of days later i Ferdelized with Foxfarm Tiger bloom. No i didint use micobes. I only used Dynomyco at the begining of planting. Where can i get those microbes.

Bone meal is great for phosphorous and a bit of nitrogen but usually zero potassium.

Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. No potassium.

Myco is microbes. Recharge, Great White, etc are other brands with tons more microbes in them. There are others I am sure. You can get them at a nursery, grow shop, Amazon, etc…

Tiger bloom has some K in it. When did you feed it?

As far a nutrient in soil, I like Gaia, Earth Dust, Dr Earth, etc. No burns or deficiencies. Granted synthetics like Fox Farm with get you more qty. I like quality.

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3 Days Ago and still nothing usually when i feeded my other girls they changed to a darker green tone. But i have 2 plants like this. I thought if i put them in to fresh new soil the roots will find the new soil and take nutrients from the new medium… I use the Foxfarm Trio. And general hydro for PH ajustment . Botanicare For CAL MAG.

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Not bad judgement. They can find the nutrition in the new soil. …but it’ll take time for the roots to grow.

BTW: Those sick leaves will never get better even after you’re past this.

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I lnow but i dont want the plant to use up the bad ones and ill cut them off or she will drop them