Delayed growing due to stress? Does an 8-9 week auto become a 3-4 month auto?

I posted an add on question to AAA, a few days ago, but was asked to post the subject on my own, so here goes and to anyone that can help provide needed education, I thank you in advance.
A little history:
I started seedlings that took off like gangbusters (Northern Lights & Blueberry both auto fem). I am old, but new to auto strains and what I knew 30-40 years ago is slowly coming back but auto’s weren’t around back then, and growing back then was hit or miss and nobody spoke about it, they just did as best you could for what you were able to harvest and keep your mouth shut and to yourself.
Anyway due to my work, the seedlings were left for 3+ weeks after sprouting with supposed supervised care, but the person didn’t really know much so either over watering underwatering too little or too much light even though I had a timer, who knows fertilizer that wasn’t needed or wanted or whatever other abuse they took.
I was able to save the seedlings but of course they didn’t grow up or out, but just recovered. (probably should have just started over but… I didn’t no $ for seeds)
The vegetated part sat and slowly got bushy and stock grew upwards about 4-6 inches from the soil the foxtails grew up to be about 6-8" (overall size now over a foot tall) tiny leaves covered with pistils turning brown and now forming nuggets, no fan leaves or no branches grew for over 8 weeks (seeds planted 3/24).
Beginning of June, Cape Cod finally got warm, it was barely in the 40’s especially at night, so they finally went outside. Soil & nutrients are FoxFarm organic, wood ash and other composted material we always used with success added.
The plants just now, within a few days of being outside 6/2/19 started sprouting branches from the mid section of the foxtail and under it on the stock. When I first wrote 4 or so days ago there was only 2 branches I now have 5 on 1 plant others plants doing same that have become 6" in length and growing rapidly & steadily.
My question was to maturity timing. Having never grown auto before and now trying to be an informed active grower is a bit different & some knowledge just isn’t published or FAQ’s easily found.
If an Autoflower suffers shock as mine and is resurrected does that throw off its grow cycle to where after it recovers it then goes back to its grow cycle? Then I asked about the foxtail cola becoming mature… can/should that be harvested before it goes by or leave it until the rest of the plant is ready maybe in 6-8 more weeks?
I only have 2 shots right now cam is down plants are outside and we’re again in a rainy stretch of weather

I started regular Mango Kush seeds and those are beginning to grow outside on their own for an October party.

I don’t know about the maturity delay but I would keep a very close eye on them looking for nanners. The stress could cause them to herm on you. I hope that they finish for you without further issues.

All I’ve ever seen are all white pistils no signs of going herm. Since I got back they are inspected regularly for everything worse than an Army physical… I thought that would/could happen but so far all fems.

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Excellent, just keep an eye on them…don’t want pollen everywhere.

I cant really see the new growth you speak of. But if they are like long single finger leaves… i may have bad news…

The summer season is extending the daylight hours and your little lady maybe revegging. In that case she maynot be an auto afterall. Seed mixups happen and breeding isnt always 100% in the auto aspect.

Try to get photos of the area and try to circle it


The branches that are at the bottom of the top picture is the new growth that just started. You can see copper wire holding/training the branches outward as they were beginning to grow upward beside the main cola. You can’t see 6" of stalk the picture is taken from a bad angle overhead and foliage is covering it, but the branches are only 4-6 days old. Yes I know branches are normal, but the question was, was is it because of it recovering from the stress of nearly having an untimely death then recovering? it being this late in the plants age, that it thinks it is either in veg/ flower state finally? Just wondering is all. Whatever happens, happens with these. As I said I didn’t have extra cash at that time to buy more seeds, but have purchased others from ILGM and another site that had other strains and are on their way to greatness outside in the garden.

Foxtail example all the leaves are frosted and still clear to 10X but plant is NL Auto Flower started 3/24 over 10 weeks old and now just starting to branch out.

So if i got you correctly… your buds have stopped developing and you have NEW growth. Leaves getting bigger and stems extending?

I think some of my concern was answered by kellydans and a couple of others.
Being informed some auto’s may take longer than projected by the supplier by 6 or so weeks OR what if they weren’t actually Autos I got…
I don’t know how reliable suppliers are as to guaranteed genetics, you plant you watch for male/fem, or herm as they grow, and that part is down pat, but how do you know if they are actually Auto?
Anyway No hair on fire, just questions due to self imposed frustration, after all they should have been trashed, but instead they WILL be harvested.
Yeah, the growth was unexpected after 10 weeks of Zero NOTHING! in 2 days they sprouted branches now 8" onward and upward about 8 branches from the bottom where it was bare, those stems are thicker than the main stock 2X and becoming heavily forested with pistils, a few branches (3) from the mid section of the Foxtail. After all it was over 10 weeks of nothing except the tail looking like it was maturing…

If your stems are growing longer, your plant is getting taller, or you see new leaf growth she maybe revegging and not an auto. If its just more bud growth it could be either: you are past harvest date (not likely by ur plant) or she is just putting on the weight we all know and love