Defoliation early flower

Just a few days of flower now but wondering when to defoliate and if its more than the recommended 30% if i do 30 and more later if it would recover?


I do a light Defol of the bottom of the plant before I flip and then I do a good leaf strip around week 3 or 4 of flower don’t always take them all at once usually spread it out over the week and I don’t recommend talking more the 30 percent some people do but if your prone to a lot of leaf loss due to problems in flower then it’s probably best to leave some extra/ everybody is a little different

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Yep you can always decide later on to remove more, but you can’t put em back

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nice grow so far. looks very healthy. I snip alot of leaves at the first week of flower and a few at about the 5th week. the first week almost all leaves with stems get chopped. and in a few days you cant tell except for the fast bud growth due to more light pen. then at the 5th week I only pull if the leaf is blocking a bud site as leaf production has stopped by that point. try a few ways bud and see what works for you. good luck