Defoliation? Advice

So, here’s my little baby who was severely stunted by me, showing a couple new bud sites thankfully. Everyone is so worried about accidentally treating their cannabis plants wrong and ruining them. The fact that I have 5 living plants just proves they’ll grow-to some extent-no matter what you do to them. So, here’s my little baby, I’m trying to treat her right and I’ve learned so much. My question is this : can I remove that fan leaf that my finger is touching, and it’s mate across from it, to let the baby budsites get more sun? Or will pulling off any of her few leaves stunt her further? I haven’t removed a single leaf yet, it just grew that way.


I wouldn’t pull any off of her. The reason for pruning is to open up air flow through the plant or expose bud sites blocked by canopy. You don’t have any problems there.


Don’t do nothing just let it do its own thing let it grow

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I would be more inclined to bend it toward your finger

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Some light LST

What would be the benefit of training a 16 inch plant in flower?

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I wouldn’t think any there’s no bunches colas hiding anything

That earlier post was actually a question sry lol when beardless said bend towards his finger I wasn’t sure what he was meaning

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