Defoliating an Auto

Hello all,
Quick question. I have a blueberry auto and northern lights auto going. They are doing great, and have responded very very well to the LST I did. However now they are so bushy it is difficult to water. Do you guys/gals think it would be ok to do a little defoliation. If I take some of the bigger fan leaves off it will make watering a lot easier, however I dont want to jeopardize my yield. So any suggestions for what to do when they Bush out covering the entire pot?
Thanks all!

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I trim the hall outta my autos

You can also remove some of the lower branches which will likely never perform as well as the upper canopy. I had to remove some fans in my grow and I absolutely hate to do it because it’s losing sugar production for the plant.

I wait til about wk 2 of bloom to do any defoliation. Then, I only remove the bits that are touching the soil, blocking me from feeding/watering, or that are severely blocking buds/colas.

I start doing major defoliation at about 2 weeks before harvest.




I guess I’m doing it correctly then. Lol. Winging it here but giving my best effort and following instincts

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