Deficiencies help

Ok I need help I think this is a Magnesium deficiency please help me identify thanks day 52 autoflowers


What is the medium your growing in and what nutes is she getting?

Does look a little like it could be mag. Def.

Actually it looks like Phosphorus deficiencies. @Myfriendis410 what say you?

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I use Promix HP and it is a super soil mix
Along with molasses and
Advanced Nutrients
Bud Candy

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Seems like phos def to me as well doesn’t mag def have more yellow generally… if you’ve been supplementing nutrients or soil has been amended than more than likely a ph issue ide imagine

Have you been ph balancing? If not that would be my guess you have a lockout or to much salt build up in the soil which locks out nutes

I ph to 6.2 upon feedings/watering run off ph at 6.5 ???

Beautiful for awhile then just noticed only on a few leaves

Only one plant affected as I can tell

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What can I do to correct

Mag I could give it a shot of cal mag

But on phosphorus I don’t know ???

Any suggestions

Every water is a 6.2 Ph

Ph is right where it should be… other than salt build up in the soil I believe an over abundance of zinc and iron can lockout phosphorus only a couple options left up your phosphorus or flush the soil IMO

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How do you correct Phosphorus def I mean they got like bout 20-25 days left is my guess

If it was me I would do a flush and see how she reacts

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With advanced nutes it’s highly unlikely that your girl doesn’t have access to the P if I was in your spot I would assume a P lockout

Aight I will flush was wondering why only affected one since regime has been same on all and they are getting close

They look beautiful and tasty! Keep a close eye on her I haven’t had a phos def in any of my grows yet but have battled with cal and mag defs pretty regularly in the beginning and pretty easily solved but a phosphorus lockout could really mess stuff up if left uncured it’s one of the main nutes your girls are up taking but from what I can tell it’s really isn’t that serious of an issue and a flush and back to your regular schedule might do it

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Advanced I only use bud candy and overdrive

No advanced base mutes
All base nutrients are from super soil mix


I though you had mentioned advance nutes sorry about that… I have one grow in promix and after about 4 weeks in there pots I’ve had to start feeding nutes regularly because they have used up most of the nutes in the pro mix by that point you may need what are the NPK’s of those boosters I’m sure there is plenty of p in those boosters

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