Decoder ring for label on bag?

What does fp4 or fp5 mean on the label that the seeds come in. I got the beginner mixpack with WW, BBG, AK47.

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Female Photo 5 units


Auto flowers would be designated FAP5

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Thank you
I thought the beginner mix pack was autos.

And I have gold leaf

Nope, it says:

  • White Widow feminized
  • AK-47 feminized
  • Bubble Gum feminized
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What is ban-fap5

Hey @Djhugh , Welcome to the forum…

This will give you the strain codes…
The FAP5 stands for ,
F = Feminized
A = Autoflower
P5 = Pack of 5

So far none if this information is helpful. I cannot find my seeds on any list of “helpful” guides. SO much time wasted with this silliness.

The other page does not have ANY of the “codes” on my seed packages, a couple are close, but it would seem the codes are created faster than the page is updated. I cannot search by part number either. $250+ plus and I have to now be Dick Tracey to figure what just arrived in my mail box. Come on…that’s not smart.

Spend just a little more time making the “decoding” process easier for customers and a little less burying us with SPAM deals. Classic case of “it’s obvious to the people who use it every day, so it should be obivious to everyone else”.

THE LAST TIME I BUY FROM HERE. Buyers remorse if ever there was a case. Oh, wait, I can only get “the best seeds from Bergman”. I just have to plant it and see what it is that I got.

Welcome to the forum.

The forum here and the seed business are separate entities. You can contact the seed shop to voice your concerns. No one here in the forum can do anything for you.

Can you not look at your order and see what you ORDERED? Do you not remember what you spent your money on? Im confused.