Dazed and confused

Hi there. I went in on some seeds from ilgm with a friend they were supposed to be girl scout cookies auto. Im 4 weeks in now and both my blue dream autos are into flower but the gsc are showing absolutely no sign of pre flower i have attached is the breeder pack from ilgm and was wondering if anyone could get me straight by looking at the letters on the pack. Thanks in advance!

Those are gsc autos. At least according to the packaging. The ā€œAā€ in FAP denotes auto.

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Thank you! The plant is doing really well ive only ever grown autos and never had one veg out this long. Not sure Iā€™m going to have enough tent lol

I had a auto become 4 ft before it flowered. Thats a good sign if it keeps growing before switching

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My two Autos flowered in 30 days. :+1: