Daytime pain strain recommendations?

I’m looking for a strain for daytime pain that will leave me clear headed enough to deal with customers where I work. CBD doesn’t do anything for me. The best I’ve found so far is Blue Dream, but it stones the crap out of me for the first 30-45 minutes before my head clears. Suggestions?


Hands down, Green Crack the only strain I’ll use during the day to keep focused and motivated.

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If CBD isnt doing it for you, youve got to up the dosage. Trust. I have chronic back and knee issues that I keep in check with 1600 mg full spectrum topicals, ye ole ice packs, and some some serious stretching. You’ll still be able to notice something is messed up, but it wont be painful and the tissue around it will be able to relax. Anadotaly, my swelling goes down some with the topicals as well.

Those low dose 15mg cbd gummies and gels are whack. No better than a melatonin. Awesome if thats what youre looking for, but with pain management its for sure worth trying a high dose topical.

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Thanks! I’ll check into it.

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Are you just using topicals, or edibles along with the topicals? I don’t know if this is allowed here, but do you have any brand or maker of the topical you would recommend?

I have found that a low dose of an edible always give me that clarity with energy without the stoned feeling.

Flower just gets me wasted.

Just a thought

For my knees and back im just using topicals. I’ll be real, I use some thats locally made to me. I started in Nevada and now moved out east. The jar im currently on is from a gentleman at mt local farmers market and hes not online.

What I look for is something that sfull spectrum, a minimum of 1200mg CBD and suspended in a wax instead of water and alcohol. If theres mint and arnica added, thats a plus. Something about cbd, mint and arnica all mixed up is freaking great.

I did a quick google and found a couple that look about the same as what I use.

Hemp hill pharm full spectrum cbd balm and
Premium Concepts Maximum CBD Full Spectrum Relief Cream look about right.

I used to get some up in Tahoe from a place called Tahoe Hemp Company. Their in house brand was called Hempenly and it was top shelf. :ok_hand:

If its legit, youre looking at around 50 bucks a 1-2 oz jar. That said, a jar goes around 4 months for me with 1-2 applications a day. Theres no need to slather the stuff on. Apply it, rub it in and forget.

Seriously, these high dose balms changed my life. Plus theyre legal in all 50 states.

I hope this helps.

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Found another, Neorogan 4000-8000 looks wicked legit. 65 bucks a jar but man, idk it works for me.

My girl is a pilot so she cant do THC but can use CBD. It helps her out. A friend I climb with suffers from Rheumatoid arthritis and theyre not even 30… They started using high dose balms and its like a magic bullet. My mother has RA and Lupus. She smokes flower, but uses a high dose balm daily as well with great success.

So you know im doing my best at being objective, my dad did 30 years in the trades and is all busted up. I tried putting him onto it and he says it doesnt do a thing. He sticks to 15% thc ditch bud. Im convinced that feeling better for him equates to sedation.

If you have 65 bucks to spend on eating out for lunch or buying clutter on Amazon, I say skip a day and buy some quality CBD.

I plan on growing some CBD strains sometime this year so I can try to make myself a balm at home. Im not even interested in CBD gummies or to smoke CBD flower. If I want to be sleepy I’ll grab some amber bud and a burrito, then stick some survival show on the TV and pass out.

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Durban Poison. You just gotta watch the trichomes and get it with little to no amber. Great energy, good to work on, ( i sling heavy metal for a living ) , and great for inflammation and chronic pain.


Thanks, will look into it!

A low dose won’t touch my pain levels.

Slowly increase your dose until you find that balance of enough pain relief and no too high.

Of course I’m sure you’ve done that already, but give it a try.

Gotta say I’ve been making the Magic Salve Recipe for a while… found it here on a thread and it really does the trick. I put in about a half ounce of decent buds and let it soak in for a few hours. That’s the best topical I’ve used and really helps with the back and knees. My 85 year old grandma swears by it too. It’s not gonna get ya stoned, but it’ll certainly take care of most pain.
This is the @Caligurl recipe I swear by…


Thanks for this @ModestMoose67! I make it for so many people too! They all love it!


It’s the best salve in town!!! Thank you for posting it!!!