Day 9: BIG BUD!

Continuing the discussion from Day 8 Big Bud: How does she look? Any suggestions?:

Do you guys see the slight rippling in the leaves? Should I be concerned?

Really… smh… why don’t you just make a grow journal. Instead of doing multiple post

Ok thanks for advice. Do you have an opinion on the rippling?

Omg stop opening new topics.

Yes, she is telling you to make a grow journal, as the others have mentioned.

Bruh!!!:joy::joy::joy: for all you people steady telling me to make a grow journal, Y’all late! I’ve spoken with my mentor and got the info. Damn stop acting like I’m suppose to know everything! I’m new to growing cannabis just as I am new to this site. Thank you. Now if you are not answering my questions in relation to my lil ladies or giving me the info to fix the things I am soooooo heavily bothering y’all with then please keep your comments to your self :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: