Day 80 approx: Shes gotta be close to chop

auto Northern lights, hydro, arrowhead spring water (approx 1 gal per day), main led plus 2 supplemental fluorescent black lights(around 500watts), on 19 hours, nutrabloom nutes (1500), Looks like a few trichomes getting amber to me… thanks for looking


She looks really, really close. Within a couple weeks no doubt. Still see a few clear trichomes. Try to get trichome shots more in the buds. The ones on sugar leaves are liars and always going be ahead of the flowers in development. You want the trichomes in the buds to be all cloudy with a little Amber. More amber=more couchlock. Nice looking girl!!


thanks, think I’ll experiment and try the stabbing of branch thing, where you slice a small cut in stem then stick a pencil in it… Growing weed kinda sadistic huh? yikes

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@Borderryan22 thanks, it is tough to find the actual bud sometimes

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I don’t think I’ve read much on that one lol. I’ve just stuck the scope up in the buds. I’ll have to check it out

Ya I had to adjust and rotate a bunch to find which way to hold the scope so I was looking at up and down, left to right images. Kind of like calibrating I guess you could say. Only issues I get now are the end of the scope getting super resiny lol


@Borderryan22 i got this on Amazon, works ok, more a toy, but it gets it done for 40,

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I think you, me and almost every other grower on this forum got this one :joy:. I found with mine if the focus dial is on the right side when I’m looking, I don’t have that backwards imaging or whatever. And yes it actually took me a couple days to figure out too lol


@Borderryan22 hey, do you think I should go full on charlie manson on my plant and stick her with a bunch of toothpicks? Its an auto, so maybe just gentle torture? (lol) see this link: Splitting the stem before harvest

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Lol @Pet_de_Chien could tell you more about torture and chiropractic techniques. He has a good topic on stress training autos

This is about as far as I go with stem splitting and it was an accident that happens with every grow. I sometimes do some fairly torturous training :love_you_gesture:


Lots of Discussion on this topic, and the results and consensus are as Mixed as the styles of growing found on this site.

For example: Icing down prior to harvest, Water only for 2 weeks, Flush/No flush, 48 hours darkness, Stem Splitting/drilling, PH stressing. Sure, all the logic makes sense behind the reasoning it “Might” work, but actual science to say Yep it definitely works - Nope!.

Any Harm in trying? Nope! thats how we all learn. take before and after Photos or if you have a side-by-side grow, do one plant and not the other and compare.

I’m old so there are a few habits that were shared to me early on and adopted to my grows, so regardless of knowing they really work or not - I do them and they work for me so I am happy


Out of likes, but well said and agree with ya Brother :joy:


@Pet_de_Chien thanks, which habits? yeah definitely need to record more

@OGIncognito thanks, yeah I’m going to try toothpicks later, if nothing else might make easier to hang up