Day 53. Jack Herer Auto

Watered day 50 with 1 Table spoon Big Bloom, 1 tsp Tiger Bloom & 1 tsp Cal-meg per gallon. Is it time to stop feeding bloom? There are quite a few yellow leaves with purple stems. Just Ph water and let the plant finish? One plant is tall & seems behind the other. My vision is not very good having problems reading trichomes. Hoped the pix might Tell me about where I am. Thanks for all the help getting me this far, @Nicky, @Caligurl @Covertgrower @beardless


@Parava I would say another 3-4 weeks still a lot of white pistils. I just grew 2 Jack Herer autos. That went 121/2 weeks.

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I agree they need some more time… What do the trichomes look like?

These pix are as close as I can get. I had hoped enlarging the pix might be enough to give an idea of their condition.

Very nice keep up the good work plants still have more to offer. Let those buds keep fattening up.

Yes feed bloom nutes

Keep feeding as per schedule.
Your buds are just starting to grow. The pistils haven’t even matured yet.

Sorry for the delay. You are covered.

Nicely done