Day 40 above ground

First grow. Looking for some feedback as I have no one to share my new hobby with. Any opinions appreciated. My concern is I was pretty rough with one of them and I’m sure I slowed it down. Keeping my hands off has been the hardest part.

IGLM GSC Extreme

Soil FFHF/5 gallon grow bag

Watered and fed base a and b every watering/watered when pots are light

Temp/RH/VPD 75f/60rh/1.2 VPD

Lighting has been kept around 40-45 dli/600-700 ppfd


Nice healthy looking plants. Humidity can be higher until flowering. I know what it’s like Looking at my plants, good thing the zipper on my tent is sturdy I wear mine out opening it to check on my girls


Thanks. Will bring humidity range up a little bit. Also meant to say water and nutes phd to 6.2-6.3 on watering. Do not have a good tds pen yet as I’d rather had ph pen first and wife says one toy a week.

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Oh I forgot welcome to the community. Ph is good range. I grow hydroponic and if my ph is at or close to 60 I don’t check anything else. This was my 4th grow and my success has been due to the master growers help on this forum. They are a awesome group! I enjoy watching grows and learning new techniques


Thanks for the welcome. Your bush is beautiful. Learned a lot so far and more to come.


Welcome to ilgm
Your plants are looking fine, as @John7 said humidity up just a little may help a bit.
As for ph in soil a tad higher may help as well 6.4 to 6.5. But not to worry at 6.3.
Good choose of stain as well. The GSCX is a very tolerant plant to insects and diseases, also a very good smoke.
As for a tds, as long as you water with so.e good runoff you should be good.
I’ll be watching as they should produce very nice colas. :+1:


Been watering till about 20% run off. Hope that’s about on par. Haven’t seen any signs of nute burn. Had a fan leaf that I believe got burned from water droplets from sloppy watering. We have sorted that out since that fiasco. :grin: Thanks folks for the reassurance of plant looking normal. Even after reading posts and looking at images of others progress there still is some doubt.


Well being your 1st grow there are a lot of things that come with experience. I would be very happy with what you have growing. These plants look way better than my 1st grow.
The 20% runoff is good


Just want to point out that not keeping your hands off is a big part of building experience. If you spend a lot of time with your plants, you’ll learn whats normal and know right away when somthing is wrong. Happy growing


I can see how this can become addicting. Already upgraded to a 6inch exhaust for my 4x2 tent. The 4 inch just didn’t keep the and temp in good spot for VPD.

So many folks have such different ways of growing and it’s interesting. I’ll hodgepodge my method together using a combination of my peers methods.

And constructive criticism is openly welcome. Thanks folks.



I was curious if anyone has used grow dots/recharge for a complete grow cycle. If so did it work out?

Also my last didn’t really lst. It turned out more to be a bend than an arch. Lesson learned. My question is I have so much undergrowth and I’m getting concerned about leaves stacking up on each other. I trimmed some yesterday, as it felt like the thing to do. Did I jump the gun?


Here are some other pictures

The bottom one is kind of lopsided. It seems healthy so I will leave be for a week besides minimum lst to open up.

Also when I start flowering should I shoot for a dli of about 35 for 18/6 schedule? Thanks.


As a first time grower I wanted to share that I had a helmet stuck on sprouting on my bigger plant. For weeks it was smaller but always looked healthy.

Here’s the sprout.

Here it is about two weeks. I was thinking it was a runt, but was green so I let it go. I had to perform helmet removal surgery on the sucker. Had me and my wife on edge for a sec. Had one cotyledon, the other was gnarly and fell off.

And at 40-41 days it’s taking off (I think)

It had been topped, accidentally from a little to much lst. Made me cry a little. That was 4 weeks old.


As far as pruning goes, I cut off anthing touching the soil or so low that they get soaked when watering. Beyond that I pick out just enough to maintain airflow through the canopy. A few weeks into flower i also remove the bottom 20-30% of the plant. It helps cut down on popcorn an redirect that energy to the top nug.


Thanks. I feel I can get my watering can underneath it much easier now. Do you apply anything to a fresh cut or let it go? So far I haven’t applied anything and no bad reaction.

As far as lighting, when should I adjust dli/ppfd for flowering based of your experience ?I think I am starting to see signs of preflower.


I don’t put anything on the wound. Just make sure whatever you use is clean. When to flower is largely a matter of preference and space available. Each plant will double in size throughout flower. My preference is longer veg and bigger plants. I have plenty of space though so that may not be right for everyone.


I think I may get crowded in my 4x2 if they double in size. I hope I do. :grin:


Ya I would switch to 12/12 soon. When you see the first pistils appear, start the flower clock. Usually 1-2 weeks after you switch lights


We use grow dots and recharge in a mix of buffered coco, perlite, rice hulls and worm castings.

We do add silica and sometimes cal mag but overall easy.