Day 21 trimming

Does anyone have a photo or 2 of defoliage at day 21? How heavy do i defoliate. Ive been told take ALL leaves not incorporated into the flowers.

Remove everything in the bottom third of the plant: strip it to bare. Then remove fan leaves only in the upper canopy.

I never understood folks willing to remove all leaves from a plant: those leaves produce the sugars needed to build flower. Every leaf removed should be thought about before doing.

Matty just did a plus 21 day defoliation: scroll up a bit and you’ll find it.


As @Myfriendis410 says…most do not take off as much as I do…and neither should you. I am following a specific grow and feed technique that includes this complete defoliation twice. I do not suggest that you do this much unless you follow the rest of the program (Three a Light)…but I sometimes show this when people are nervous about taking too much off. I’ve done this on 17 plants in the last 2 years and have never had a plant suffer and I get great bud with great yields. These are the second defoliation at day 21.

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Beyond the bottom third of the plant I only take off only enough to ensure good airflow within the plant’s canopy.


IMO that is too much leaf removal by far. Like @MidwestGuy said; just enough to maintain good airflow through the canopy. I would not strip the plant until just before harvest as you are harming your overall yield. If you aren’t getting 10 to 12 oz. of dried flower per plant then you are taking too much. Also; many growers lack sufficient light to properly flower out a plant indoors so removing more leaves adversely affects plant health and yields.


I understand. I grow in a 4x4 tent with 4 plants usually. With indicas I get about 28 dried ounces…when I grew 5 plants and had sativas and Gold Leafs and I got 42 ounces of good dried bud.

I also agree you need a banging light and the right nutrients to pull it off


So this first plant is 8 day of 12/12 and i have trimmed along the way a little but will need to do more at day 21

This next one has just been trimmed along the way as i thought needed. Each plant has 240w 23x13in, 4’x4’ light area. Want to see the difference in the trimming tech. These are second and third plants ever. Advance Nutes.


Nice - and you are using good nutes and your growing style looks similar…I just scrog 4 into one net the day after the day 21 defoliation.

Looks like this…this one had 5 plants…I usually do 4. Couple weeks before harvest. These are the same plants in the defoliation pictures

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This is as far as I’d go with pruning. That plant was 28" tall from the floor and yield was right at 12 oz. dried.


Mine look similar:


No sure how big your plants are but this is one plant is about 3’ across the canopy. The pot is 20 gallon instead 15 because it was free. The other plant waiting for day 21 is about 4’ across and in a 25 gallon. (Again)free. Thanks for sharing!! I get a lot of good input from all on this site!!


That does put a different perspective on the size…that is huge! In the photos those were only 5 gals. I use 7 gals if I only grow 4.

Good growing gromie


Back at ya . Thought i was hooked back in may when i started. Now i cant get enough.


Interesting growth…Trained that way, due to pheno, and/or being pounded with light?

Same for yours @MidwestGuy?

Defoliation… What’s that? Hahaha nah I’m just kidding. It’s definitely a good idea to keep everything in check. Proper air flow, decent light penetration along with pest management strategies.

Some go to the ext realm while other back off. Each growing style has its benefits. You just need to find one that works best for you and your style.
I tend to grow bushes. Not necessarily defoliating at certain times but alittle bit durring the entir life cycle.
I feel that those leaves act as little solar panels. Creating the necessary energy the plant need to survive and grow.

Happy farming… :sun_with_face: :evergreen_tree: :owl: :v: :man_farmer: